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Meet Rupert Grint

Birthday: Aug. 24, 1988.

Home: In the county of Hertfordshire, about 20 miles outside London, England.

Family: Father, Nigel; mother, Jo; younger sisters Georgina, Samantha and Charlotte; and a younger brother, James.

Roles before Ron: Played a fish in a play about Noah’s ark. “My mum made the costume for that out of bubble wrap.” She also shot the rap video he made to audition for the role of Ron.

Favorite food: “I’m not fussy. I’m not very healthy. I like pizza.”

Favorite actor: Jim Carrey, especially in “Dumb and Dumber.”

Favorite thing to spend money on: “I really do like gadgets. When I went to Japan last year, I got this sort of spy camera disguised as a cigarette box.”

Original article found here: The Washington Post | November 17, 2005

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