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New PoA Clip Shown In Superbowl

Harry Potter fans in the US got another brief look at the film of the Prisoner of Azkaban during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Sirius Black is a big new character in the new film
Sirius Black is a big new character in the new film

A new 30-second trailer of the film was shown during the game, and although it didn’t feature anything amazing, it did show Harry on board the Knight Bus.

It also showed a mysterious shrunken head swinging in the bus’ cab, along with older clips including a dementor.

Film makers pay loads of money for expensive adverts during the Super Bowl, as millions of people watch it.

Trailers for Troy – starring Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt – and Van Helsing – with X-Men star High Jackman – were also shown during the game.

It also seems that Potter stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were on US kids’ channel Nickelodeon before the game, and got covered in slime for their efforts!

They were asked questions about the Super Bowl, and after stunning the presenters with their expert knowledge, ended up in a right mess when green slime poured all over them.

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | February 2nd, 2004

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