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Our Scary Celeb Night

How brave are EastEnders stars Kara Tointon and Charlie G Hawkins?

And which Skins star has had a hair-raising experience with a spider?

The Showbiz Shed got up close and personal with them, in The London Dungeon of all places.

With nerves of steel we tootled off to the new Jack The Ripper show at the Dungeon, where we got to natter exclusively to a host of stars.

After seeing the show, the likes of Kara and Charlie admitted they’d been left slighty, um, screamed-out and shaken.

But, ever the prankster (he plays naughty Darren, after all), Charlie told us he’d had a hand in getting some folk to scream louder.

He said: “I was grabbing people when it was dark.”

Have they ever had any scary moments on the ‘Enders set?

Kara said: “No, but they should bring in a ghost.”

That’s if Charlie’s pranks on set don’t scare the cast first, because he told us he’s prone to the odd prank or two.

Meanwhile, Skins star Nicholas Hoult revealed his scariest moment ever, telling us: “I woke up with a spider walking across me once. That was the fastest I’ve ever gotten out of bed.”

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint got some fake blood painted on his cheek, and Danny Dyer admitted he’d also had a good scream at the scary antics in the show.

Verrrrry spooky, we tell you.

Original article can be found here at Sky Showbiz I April 7, 2008

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