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Introduce Me To Your Friend!

In this exclusive interview, Rupert Grint reveals the secrets behind Ron Weasley, his character in the Harry Potter saga.
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(Question 1, 2, 3 are partially missing, but what I can piece together of question 3 surrounding the Yule Ball follows):

Q: (missing)…scenes of the Yule Ball…(missing)…were really hard, or am I mistaken…(missing).

A: (missing)…the rest had cla(sses?)…(missing) and waltz classes with the (help) of a choreographer. I (missing)…In the ball scene (missing) he’s sick of the whole situation (missing)…he’s very jealous of (missing). That’s why he was feeling very moody and doesn’t want to dance. (missing). But it was fun to see (missing)…felt better that I didn’t have to do it like the rest.

Q: Do you feel this fourth part is more terrifying than the first three?

A: They’re all getting darker as the Harry Potter series progresses. There are some very unpleasant things in this movie. There are dragons and loads of things like that. The big challenge for Ron are the girls, but I also had scenes under water that were quite fun. I didn’t do much, but it was cool to learn all these things. Basically, they submerge you in the water and there you have to learn to take the mask off and open your eyes. In the end, I didn’t have to do all that in front of the camera. It was hard, but at least the water was warm.

Q: Is there a change in Ron’s image?

A: My hair is much longer in this next one. I’ve shortened it a bit now and I sort of miss it. I have some say in Ron’s image. I let my hair grow while I was preparing for my exams and one day I went (to the set), and they liked it and decided that Ron would also have longer hair. The truth is it doesn’t bother me. But I don’t think I’ll let my hair grow so long this time. I’m not a rocker at heart.

Q: What can you tell me about the acting workshops you attended before filming began?

A: The workshops were given a couple of weeks before filming began. Mike organized these long sessions, like a dramatic arts school. We did improvisations and things like that, just to be more daring.

Q: How long was the break between the end of filming the third installment and the beginning of filming the fourth?

A: There wasn’t much time in between, but I had time to prepare for my exams during that period. I had to review while I was working on the third part. I wasn’t in school when it came time to film the fourth part, and because of that, compared to the other times, it was much more relaxed.

Q: The next two books are already published. Do you follow Ron’s story to see what’s in store for him in those books?

A: Yeah, it’s fun, although I haven’t read the sixth book. People say it’s really good, and I’m going to start it soon. But someone told me who dies in the next book, which bothered me. Something always leaks.

Q: Do you feel more confident each time you play Ron with each movie?

A: Definitely, if I compare it to the first time I stepped onto a film set, everything was so new and different. The truth is I didn’t know what to expect. Now, we’re used to the whole routine, we’ve been doing it for now for five years.

Q: With all the new cast of characters, did you feel as the more experienced one the responsibility to show them all they need to know about Harry Potter?

A: Yeah, something like that. It’s good to have people join the cast. We all got along great. And that was good.

Q: Tell me about the film Driving Lessons that you made in the interim.

A: Yeah, that was just a small film I made immediately after I finished the fourth part. It only took six weeks. It was great to work on something so different. I played a loner type. He’s the son of a vicar and his parents are very controlling. He gets a job looking after a retired actress played by Julie Walters, my mom in Harry Potter! That was nice. The character was the complete opposite of Ron. He’s very timid, and he really doesn’t have many friends. Also, I had to drive a car, something I’m still learning to do, but in real life! I’ll start in a couple of weeks.

Translator’s Note: (The last four questions are mostly missing. I can tell in the answer to the last one, Rupert is talking about how he always wanted to play Quidditch, and that happens, or so he thought at the time, in the fifth film. I think I can make out that he says he’s hoping to get that chance, even though he heard it’s a bit painful.)

Scans available here: RGus Gallery | 2005
Translation by Sophia

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