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Petter Næss: – I look forward to showing the film

Director Petter Næss’ latest film “Into the White” has its world premiere on Filmfest Oslo’s last day, March 4th. Harry Potter star, “Ron”, Rupert Grint will be present in the cinema on that day.

Foto: Ellen Rønning

Downtown: – All the leading actors have announced their arrival. Rupert Grint, David Kross, Florian Lukas, Lachlan Nieboer and Stig Henrik Hoff. With families and everything.

This pleases the director.

– It’s an acknowledgment to the film and the project that they are showing up. We all believe in this and that’s a great feeling. The film is great and the actors are bloody good.

Young superstar

And to direct a 22-year-old who has been a superstar for half his life?

Rupert is a prince, a very good boy. And he chooses us just as much as we choose him. The whole team has one common goal; to make a fucking fantastic film.

Putting animosity to the test

“Into the White” is based on a real event that occurred in April 1940 when a German and British fighter plane shot each other down over the Norwegian mountains.

Coincidences dictate that the crews seek shelter in the same cabin, something that truly puts their animosity to the test. Germans and Brits have to work together to survive – so that they can go right back to the war and continue fighting.

– The weather becomes a main character that entraps the guys in the cabin, Petter says.

– And the actors sure got to experience the Norwegian mountains! From total whiteout to pure Norwegian porn with brilliant sunshine and white horizons. Cold and exotic.

– They probably thought it was fascinating to be there, yes. Petter says with a wide smile.

– It was incredibly cool to film on the mountain. There is nothing better than mountains. And trips with the guys.

Conceived in…

Petter Næss thinks it’s very fun to be able to close Oslo’s new film festival and even more fun that the world premiere will be at the esteemed Folketeateret with all the stars present. And Petter’s story actually began at the Folketeateret. It was here that his parents met at the end of the 50s.

My dad worked as a production designer and my mother was an actress, and I was probably conceived in the attic or in the paint room. It will be like coming home, he says with a laugh.

Likes mixing it up

Two days before the world premiere of “Into the White”, Petter Næss will premiere the play “=Oslo” at the Norwegian theater.

– We use text from the magazine in a theatrical frame and it’s the texts that have the main roles. We are basically trying to lift them up and show the people behind the texts who are just like “the rest of us”, maybe they have just experienced a little more adversity on their way.

Now, new projects will get attention.

I have long thought about doing a film about the official Norway’s treatment of German girls. And I’ve also really wanted to make a film version of Peer Gynt. I have a good concept that I have a lot of faith in.

And your acting career, Petter Næss?

– My last acting job was in Max Manus. I don’t exactly think a lot about acting parts, but I have to remind myself what it’s like to be an actor. And it’s certainly better for more people than me.

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