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Potter fans give stars a shout-out

Potter fans give stars a shout-out

NEW YORK — Tom Cruise has nothing on those Hogwarts kids.

Just ask the fans behind barricades at Saturday’s premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth installment of the blockbuster Harry Potter movie series. Cheering guys and girls, some of whom had lined up in the early morning across from the Ziegfeld Theatre and many dressed up in Potter gear, shouted “Harry Potter!” and went nuts when the movie’s three main actors arrived.

Rupert Grint, 17, who plays red-haired Ron Weasley, was the first major name to show up. Upon being told that he had gotten louder and more passionate screams than Cruise, who premiered War of the Worlds here in June, Grint looked stunned. “It’s quite strange,” he said.

And yes, “a few” girls have asked Grint out before, but “I’m not with anyone at the moment,” he said.

In the film, which continues the saga of Harry and his friends, Ron has a crush of sorts on Hermione, played by Emma Watson. Like her book-smart and feisty character, Watson, too, is “hardworking at school. I try,” she said.

But unlike the relatively mousy Hermione, Watson, 15, says she can’t really go incognito these days when she’s out and about in London. “This time of year, when there’s 50-foot posters of me, not really,” she said. “But most of the time, it’s fine.”

Like Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, also is still single.

So, where are the fans more vocal, in the USA or the U.K.?

“Possibly here,” said Radcliffe, 16. “These guys can match (the fans in London) for volume and intensity. Here, you get a lot of people coming up.”

As for the movie, opening Friday, “it’s much darker than the other ones, and there’s a lot more action,” Radcliffe said.

It’s also the first Potter flick to get a PG-13 rating, which was welcome news for British director Mike Newell. “I’m very glad about that,” he said. “All the fans know that the main bad guy is coming into this one in a major way, and it signals that we’re not undershooting them.”

The baddie in question is, of course, the evil Lord Voldemort, played by Ralph Fiennes. It’s the first time fans actually see what he looks like.

The kids start shooting the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in February.

Original article found here: USAToday | November 13th, 2005

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