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Below is a collection of articles featuring Rupert Grint from the year 2013.

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“There’s something quite thrilling about only having one shot, not loads of takes.”


  • Director Fredrik Bond and James Buckley Talk THE NECESSARY DEATH OF CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN, Filming in Budapest, and More at Sundance
  • Sundance 2013: Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Charlie Countryman’
  • Jack Kerouac Boozes, Ron Weasley Pops Viagra, Hipsters Befriend Strippers: Sundance in Short
  • Shia LaBeouf’s Indie Career at Sundance Is Off to an Awful Start
  • The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman: Sundance Review
  • Rupert Grint surprises Sundance as aspiring porn star
  • The Sunday Times


  • Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint to star in CBS Greg Garcia Comedy Super Clyde

  • APRIL:

  • Rupert Grint’s looking fit at the British Animal Honours 2013

  • MAY:

  • Harry Potter star Rupert Grint pulls an eight tonne lorry through Stroud

  • JULY:

  • Go on, Rupert, give Mojo a go! Grint could swap Potter for grisly gangland murder
  • Rupert Grint has put his Harry Potter days behind him and found his Mojo in gritty stage debut


  • Rupert Grint’s West End stint in Mojo could silence his critics for good
  • Sneak peek at ‘CBGB’: Rupert Grint’s inner punk
  • Rupert Grint says he’s not trying to ‘shock’ with roles


  • Toronto: Rupert Grint Lined Up for ‘Macbeth’ Adaptation
  • Harry Potter star Rupert Grint: I’m battling new demons to make my stage debut


  • Rupert Grint on CBGB, Dirty Toilets, and Butt Tattoos
  • Rupert Grint Talks About ‘CBGB,’ Harry Potter, and His Butt
  • Alan Rickman & Rupert Grint On ‘CBGB,’ Reuniting Post-‘Potter’ And Favorite Halloween Costumes
  • FHM
  • The Mail on Sunday


  • Jez Butterworth recovers his Mojo
  • Jez Butterworth’s award-winning Mojo revived in West End
  • It’s liberating to play drug pusher in theatre debut, says Rupert Grint
  • The Sunday Times Scans

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