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Quidditchy bum for Ron and co

HARRY Potter star RUPERT GRINT says the cast need a magic potion — to soothe their NUMB BUMS.


The actor — Ron Weasley in the films — is walking like cowboy JOHN WAYNE after long stints filming Quidditch scenes for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

He said: “You sit on a broomstick for hours and it starts to hurt. It gives you a numb bum.”

I’ve mocked Rupe up as the Western film legend.

As well as sore bottoms, bare bottoms have been seen at Hogwarts too.

As The Sun revealed, streakers delayed filming in Farnham, Surrey, where some key scenes were being shot.

Speaking backstage at the festival in Wembley, Rupe added: “We had two streakers down there.

We’ll be finished filming in a few months. Then we’ll be making the final ever one. I think I’ll miss it.

“I’d like to do a comedy movie next but we’ll have to see what comes up.”

If he is still walking like a gunslinger after the final Potter film, he could reinvent the Western with himself as a ginger John Wayne…

Original article can be found here at The Sun I March 18, 2008

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