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Rupert fans celebrate his 15th birthday

It’s Rupert Grint’s 15th birthday on Sunday, and the posters on Newsround’s website’s message boards are celebrating too.
Rupert’s always been popular on our boards because he sometimes pops on them to update his fans on what he’s up to.
Some of your messages for Rupert

And a number of them are hoping he takes the time to check out the board today, including one fan from Australia!

Another fan, called*prongs*, said: “happy birthday Rupert, have a gr8 day”, while bertie_bott said: “I hope u have a very happy birthday!!! Good luck with POA!!!”

The mods who make sure your messages get on the site as quick as possible told us that almost every message is about Rupert on the Harry Potter Actors board.

And some Rupert fans are even planning a party on the board later, we hope Rupert’s having as much fun celebrating his birthday as his fans are.

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | August 24th, 2003

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