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Rupert Grint breaks the typecast

MTV Movie blog nagged an exclusive look at Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) in his new, edgier film ‘Cherrybomb’. It seems like all of the Potter kids are trying to break their children image that has come with the film franchise. We all know about Daniel Radcliffe and his nude movie/theater roles, now its just a matter of time before Emma Watson is bearing it all on screen to shed her good girl image. This from Rupert about ‘Cherrybomb’

“My character Malachy [in ‘Cherrybomb’] works at a leisure center in Belfast,” Grint explained. “It’s not really a proper job, but this girl Michelle is my boss’ daughter. She’s really exotic and fashionable and she gets his attention, along with his friend Luke, and she starts this crazy competition thing between them.”

In order to impress Michelle (who is played by Kimberley Nixon), the two guys start trying to one-up each other, first by going to a club and trying to dance with her, then by pulling stunts like stealing a car, and then things escalate from there.

“Usually, Malachy doesn’t get the girl,” Grint said. “Luke is more of the ladies’ man, but he’s a bit more dodgy. Malachy isn’t a geek, he’s a bit of a thug, but he starts off as basically a good kid. He goes to work, he has a good relationship with his parents, but he’s got some bad influences, so he gets into a bit of trouble.”

Well, we will see how good this one is, and his other more edgy indie flick ‘Wild Target’. Here is another picture for good measure:

Original article can be found here at wearemoviegeeks I September 29, 2008

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