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Rupert Grint can’t handle 3D


Rupert Grint once walked out of a 3D film because he was too hungover.

The Harry Potter star is currently busy promoting his latest flick, Postman Pat: The Movie, in which he voices character Josh.

He’s also partial to hitting the cinema himself, but has to be in the right frame of mind.

When asked the last time he’s walked out of a movie, Rupert told Empire magazine: “It was Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D.

“I couldn’t handle it. It was too much. I think I was a bit hungover, and maybe it was the 3D thing. I was in the Isle of Man as well, so it was quite a strange place.”

The 25-year-old has enjoyed the many perks of fame and admits it’s been a while since he’s worried about money. Occasionally, he even receives some odd freebies.

“Oh, I got a can of Heinz soup with my name on it. It said, ‘Get well soon, Rupert.’ I wasn’t even sick. I was perfectly fine,” he recalled.

“It was from a charity, they’re doing a personalised soup campaign and it just turned up. I haven’t had it yet. It lasts for ages, doesn’t it, soup?”

It might be that Rupert simply doesn’t know how to heat the soup up. The redhead admits that he’s not a dab hand when it comes to the kitchen.

“I don’t cook,” he insisted.

“But I have an ice cream van and I’ve perfected the 99 [soft ice cone]. It’s got the machine, which is tricky. It’s a complicated wrist action to get the perfect whip.”

Rupert added that he doesn’t keep the van stocked though and that it’s “the worst thing” when kids start queuing up, expecting a frozen treat.

Original article found | MAY, 29th 2014

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