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Rupert Grint Celebrates 23rd Birthday in Style

With the Harry Potter movie franchise behind him, Rupert Grint has his entire adult life and acting career to figure out. On Saturday night though, the only thing he needed to figure out was what pair of goofy glasses to wear during his big birthday bash.

Grint partied it up with his friends at Chateau nightclub at Las Vegas’ Paris Casino & Resort, and even donned a festive pair of red candle sunglasses to celebrate the momentous occasion. Whether the red color was chosen to accessorize with his hair is unknown, but Rupert seemed to be having a blast inside.

Grint’s birthday was actually a few weeks ago, as he turned 23 on August 24 — but hey, when you’re a Harry Potter star, you can have your birthday party whenever you please.

Up next professionally for Grint is some high-profile voice-over work in Britain, where he’ll be lending his pipes to the popular kids show Postman Pat.

Original article found here: | September 18, 2011

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