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Rupert Grint does some actual singing in very catchy song ‘Lightning’ from ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ – listen

And it literally couldn’t sound any less like him

While there wasn’t much of a chance for Rupert Grint to break out into song in the Harry Potter movies (we guess he was too busy being HILARIOUS), it seems now Rupert has broken into the music industry – with a song off of the Postman Pat film.

Yep, we understand that this is quite weird news, but R-Grints has gone and recorded a track for the Postman Pat: The Move, um, movie and it’s a well catchy pop song called Lightning.

Premiere of 'Postman Pat' - Arrivals

Even though we’ve never really heard Rupert singing before, we think it’s safe to say that his singing voice sound NOTHING like his speaking voice. It’s very confusing, he literally sounds like the fifth member of Union J.

Considering Rupert stars in the Postman Pat film as Josh, it’s not too much of a confusing jump (but it is still quite odd) – however he’s in pretty good company as people like Jessie J and Ronan Keating have also sang on the soundtrack. Woo.

Since the track is full on poptastic, it’s no surprise that it’s the catchiest thing EVER – so bear that in mind before you press play. But you should, but you need to hear Rupert’s voice.

WELL, we certainly feeling a few emotions right about now.

But what do you make of all this? Should Rupert have made his first singing effort on a film soundtrack? Are you loving his voice? Is the song stuck in your head? Comments below please…

Original article found | MAY, 23th 2014

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