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Rupert Grint gets sent pyjamas by fans

Rupert has played the affable and wisecracking character Ron Weasley in Harry Potter since the film series began in 2001. While his co-star Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson get deluged by fan mail Rupert was stunned to find that his presents mainly consist of pyjamas, and he has racked his brain in an effort to figure out why.

“It depends where you go. There are crazy people everywhere,” he told Bliss. “America is probably the favourite place for that. I do get sent pyjamas a lot, which is quite interesting.”

In a bid to avoid typecasting Rupert is keen to play someone miles away from Ron, and was once linked to starring in a biopic of infamous flop skier Eddie the Eagle.

“Doing something completely different does sound quite appealing, maybe playing someone not even ginger! I’m quite up for changing my hair colour,” he explained. Someone a bit evil, a bit crazy. I’d quite like to play a big character.”

Original article found here:| July 16th, 2011

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