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Rupert Grint Goes From Wizard to Hitman in ‘Wild Target’ Trailer

It’s hard to imagine Harry Potter’s goofy pal Ron Weasley as a lethal hitman. But now, thanks to the new “Wild Target” trailer that debuted on Yahoo! Movies, you don’t have to imagine it; you can watch it.

In the upcoming British hitman comedy, young Weasley’s portrayer, Rupert Grint, becomes an unwitting apprentice to a seasoned assassin played by the always awesome Bill Nighy. We say “unwitting” because Grint’s bumbling Tony thinks Nighy’s Victor Maynard is a private detective, as does Emily Blunt’s con artist Rose — a woman Victor was hired to kill but couldn’t because, you know, he thinks she’s the bee’s knees.

Pursued by Victor’s former employer (Rupert Everett) and a hitman (Martin Freeman), the three mismatched pals go on the lam together, and — as you might have guessed — plenty of wry English hilarity ensues.

The hitman-going-straight-for-the-hot-girl story certainly isn’t new, but “Wild Target” is perfectly cast and, from the looks of the trailer, plenty funny enough to keep it fresh and entertaining. And, if at some point in the film Grint, Blunt and Nighy break song, this one gets instant-classic status. So fingers crossed.

“Wild Target” opens in limited release on Oct. 29.

Original article found here: Next Movie | September 24, 2010

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