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Rupert Grint has inspired us: Here’s our list of top GINGER hunks (prepare to swoon)

Rupert Grint wants to dye his red hair – we think it’s time to celebrate all things ginger

RUPERT Grint has rocked our world today with the news that he wants to shave off/dye his famous ginger locks.
How can Harry Potter star Rupert Grint destroy the very part of him that defines him – his red hair.

The news that Mr Grint wants an image change and is therefore set to go blonde or perhaps even brunette has shocked OK! HQ so much that we’ve decided to devote an entire story to carrot tops.

And the more we think about it, the more we realise that we have a SERIOUS crush on auburn-haired blokes.

To celebrate all things redhead, here’s our list of top ginger hunks…

Rupert Grint – We’ve fancied this carrot-topped fella ever since he first appeared on our screens as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. Don’t do it Rupert, don’t do it!

Prince Harry – We know we should fancy his older (and much better look on paper brother) but there’s something about his cheeky smile and spiky strawberry blonde locks that endears us to this polo playing, Boujis-going hottie.

Damian Lewis – A true flame-haired hunk. The Band of Brothers actor has us swooning with or without facial hair – and we EVEN love his freckles.

Max and Bradley Branning – The father and son Eastenders pair are a big hit with the OK! Twitter followers. We’re not quite sure why we love them but we do.

Simon Pegg – We know he’s only got a tinge of ginge but enough to put him in our list. Made us laugh out loud in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Leigh Francis – Maybe not with a neck brace on as Avid Merrian or as the hilarious Keith Lemon but there’s something about Leigh Francis that we just LOVE. Redhead comedians… we see a theme emerging here.

Chris Evans – Thrown in more for luck and to make up the list than anything but we do hark back to the days of TFI Friday and Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush rather fondly.

Original article found here: OK Magazine | January 28th, 2011

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