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Rupert Grint hits our message boards

Now filming has started on the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, will be dead busy.
But that didn’t stop him coming on our message boards for a chat on 21 February!

Rupert calls himself Permlessboy whenever he comes on the boards.

He chatted to loads of people, mostly, for some reason, about ham.

We haven’t included all the messages. That’s because many of them are just Rupert telling people who don’t believe him he really is Rupert!

Here’s what he wrote and what people said to him:


It’s great to be back, I’ve had a great week off, except for my brother breaking his arm and me falling out of a canoe and almost drowning (lucky the river was only a foot deep!!!). My cat’s pregnant and really acting weird, maybe because we’ve just got a puppy called Sergeant Montgomery. My Unicycling is not improving and I can still only manage 4!!! But I’ve now taken up yoyoing, but I’ve just hit my brothers bad arm while attempting a new trick!!!! So I’m on here now because I’m hiding from him in case he hits me on the head with his cast!!!!!!! I’m going now to have some ham. Rupert

My brother fell down some steps running out of school, and he’s really in a mood because he can’t ride his bike, play rugby or skate, so he’s had the worst half term ever!!!!! My puppy’s a basset hound, my yoyo is a turbo bumble bee and I’ve just learnt how to split the atom and hurt broken arms ha ha!!!!!! Luv Rupert

Hello, Rupert! OH MY GOD!!! It’s you! I can’t believe it! Don’t get offended by my name cos I still luv ya! What year are you in? I’m in Yr 8. Can I ask you a question? Do you know who is playing Cho Chang in the POA movie? Cos I want to be Cho Chang ! And have you started filming yet? Please reply!!!! Luv ya loads!!!! Oh yeah! HAM RULES!!!!

I’m in year 10, I’m doing my GCSEs (groan). I don’t know who’s playing Cho Chang but I’m sure she’ll be Cho-charming ha ha!!!! I’m in a bit of a state because I think my cat is about to have babies!!!!!!!!

I’ve had a hundred replies. Help!!!!!!!!

WILL EVERY1 PLZ CALM DOWN I’m very sorry but will you plz just calm down YES it’s Rupert YES I’m very happy/excited that he’s cum back on the boards and YES he’s probably flattered by all the screaming mental fans but for a minute just step back and breathe in and out in and out kay luv4now p.s I hope I haven’t offended u plz don’t h8 me kay p.p.s ham is gross cheese rox, ok.


Cheese smells

I am petrified of snakes and my mum found a dead snake and i had to find out what type it was for some reason and god, I hate them. I don’t know why but it makes me feel all faint and sweaty. See you all later. LUV RaPchIc

Spiders do the same thing to me , it feels horrible doesn’t it !!!!

Hey Rupert, are you really on right now?



Guess who ?????

im_in_tha_house – 1st post
OMG!!!!! Hiya!



Hey Rupert, how’s filming going? This is sooo class I can’t believe u came back. My name’s Olivia by the way – would you like to be my ebud? lol ham_sandwitch hee hee

Ham rules !!! Ha ha!

Hun, you’re great and everything but HAM?? Don’t you mean eggs??

Eggs smell

Are you still veggie??


Sorry, but can I just say he can’t be a veggie if he loves ham!!! My fave sandwiches are peanut butter! Ha – with cheese and jam! I have weird taste!

Yes you do have weird taste ha!!!!

Alright Rupert how have u been? You haven’t been on here in ages! I’m new around here so I have no idea what’s goin’ on! but I know you’ve been on here a few times. I have 2 tell you they are a bit mental round here. Well I can’t really talk since I’m like the most mentalist in my school. (Q: is mentalist actually a word?) Anyway, hope you’re ok, hope 2 type 2 u soon!

I think mentalist is a wicked word !!!! luv Rupert.

Could this really be Rupert?

Yes it is!

OMG!! Are you really RUPERT?? Wow! That’s really really really exciting!!!! Well, I want to say: I think you are a really good actor! If I have any luck I will come to the premiere in London! “why spiders? why can´t we follow the butterflies?”

I still wish it was butterflies !!!!!! luv Rupert

Hey Rupert!!!! I can’t believe you’re actually on here again! How’s filming going?

Hi snowy owl – filming’s cool!! Rupert

OK, if you’re Rupert, I’m J:Lo

Hi j-lo. Luv Rupert

When Rupert is on here, what does he call him self? Coz if its Permlessboy then its wrong. I was checking out his website and he now calls himself Permboy!!!


No, I’m Permlessboy, I don’t have a web site yet!!!!! Luv Rupert

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | February 28th, 2003

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