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Rupert Grint Hits Toronto For Harry Potter Opening Day

One of the stars of the already-successful Harry Potter and The ‘Order of the Phoenix, Rupert Grint, hit the city of Toronto today to promote the release of the hit film and his turn as Ron Weasley in it. Canadians rejoiced.

Seriously, as with all things Harry Potter this month, even the appearance of an actor from one of the films can bring fans to tears. Rupert Grint arrive in Toronto in a black covered in artwork from Harry Potter and fans went crazy, reaching for the young actor for autographs and more.


Rupert Grint told the CBC, “It’s really crazy. It’s really exciting and I’ve really enjoyed it, but getting recognized and that is really sort of a strange experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever really sort of get used to it.”

The news service notes that the 18-year-old Rupert Grint was mobbed by teenage fans who leaned over each other, screamed, and did whatever they could just to touch the hand of the young man who plays Ron Weasley in all five Harry Potter films. Apparently, some fans had been waiting hours just for a glimpse of Rupert Grint. There’s not a lot of stars who can claim that kind of fan support but excitement over all things Potter has arguably never been higher with the fifth film, co-starring Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, hits theaters this week and the seventh and allegedly final book hits stores next Saturday.

Becca Ferguson, a fan of Rupert Grint’s, told the CBC, “We want him to smile at us.” Becca had been waiting with her friend Emily for three hours just to get a smile. They got more than that as Rupert Grint had his picture taken with the pair and signed his name. Wilken could merely muster an “oh my goodness” in response.

Rupert Grint had never been to Canada before today. He told the CBC, “It’s really cool. It’s really good to see everyone sort of excited about the film and stuff.”

That’s a pretty good example for the next time someone asks you what the word understatement means. Rupert Grint claims that he had no idea what a phenomenon the world of Harry Potter would become. The first six Harry Potter books have sold 325 million copies worldwide and each of the four Harry Potter films makes about three-quarters of a billion dollars around the world.

Grint said, “When we first started, I didn’t really think of this far on. It was enough of a crazy experience as it was because obviously I came from quite the normal background.”
“Of’ course, Rupert Grint can be spotted with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in the five existing Harry Potter films but you can also spot the young actor in Driving Lessons, new to DVD last week.

Original article found at Actress Archives I July 11, 2007

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