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Rupert Grint: I’ve got my own ice-cream van

Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley, 18, has an estimated £10 million fortune

Rupert, who left school at 16, recently bought himself an ice-cream van, which he drives around the grounds of his Hertfordshire home.

‘I don’t know why I bought it,’ he says. ‘I’ve always had an interest in the ice-cream industry. It’s really cool. It has a freezer in the back and a big kitchen – and a bell that plays a tune, obviously.’

Aside from the Harry Potter films, Rupert has appeared in two other movies – Thunderpants and Driving Lessons – and he sees a long acting career ahead of him once his role as Ron Weasley comes to an end.

‘I’ve got other things to do after Harry Potter, so I’ll just see what happens,’ he says. ‘I’ll still have my ice-cream van, so I’ll be alright.’

Original article found here: Now Magazine | July 19, 2007

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