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Rupert Grint interview with Edith Bowman

Rupert Grint interview with Edith Bowman

Transcribed by Morgan (Cookimonstress)


July 2009

Part 1

Edith: You can listen back—watch back, or just you know, ogle at the beautiful at the beautifulness of Kings of Leon online If you go to, you can you can see a picture of moi Muggle-less and now totally in the zone. In the HP zone here and we’re actually walking around the set. This is quite incredible! James King, we see lots of lights—enormous lights! We can see—.

James: I think what’s so great about being out here is the—obviously, when you’re in Dumbledore’s office and just come out of there, you know, it’s full-on Harry Potter world! The moment you step out of the office you’re in building sites. There are lots of people. Kind of laborers, you know, that are looking at doing stuff, People sawing people…Chain sawing stuff, building things—.

Edith: Sawing people, or just—.

James: And it’s just, uh, they saw them in half! They’re magicians, you see. It’s Harry Potter!

Edith: [laughs]

James: No, it’s completely like building site mode. You can be anywhere, but as soon as you go through a certain door or a certain alleyway you’re back in Harry Potter world. It messes with your head a little bit.

Edith: It really does! It’s almost like you’re walking through seasons and you’re walking through different parts of the world and the country, and stuff. The height of the ceiling alone just makes you feel tiny!

James: You know you’re in somewhere exciting as well when people tell you that you can’t mention certain things.

Edith: Yeah!

James: “Don’t mention what’s over there because it’s top secret!” We like being in places like that where it’s top secret places.
Edith: Oh! Golf carts, for example, who hand-deliver people like

Rupert Grint.

James: Hello, sir!

Edith: Hello, mate! How are you? Fancy seeing you here!

Rupert: [laughs] How you doing?

Edith: Alright. How are you?

Rupert: Yeah, no. I’m good, yeah.

Edith: Thanks so much for, you know, letting us come into your world on this set.

Rupert: It’s cool, yeah.

Edith: What do you think of my outfit?

Rupert: Oh. Wow! [Laughs] Yeah, I like it. Yeah.

Edith: It’s good, isn’t it! I didn’t know if it goes that way, or what.

All: [Laugh]

Rupert: It looks really good!

Edith: It’s good isn’t it? I wish you were here in the makeup department—.

Rupert: Oh, looking closely—

Edith: Yeah. You can see the joints.

Rupert: Yeah, yeah.

Edith: [Laughs]

Rupert: But, no. It’s cool, yeah.

Edith: Did you get an early start today?

Rupert: Uh, yeah. It was quite early, yeah. Because a lot of

characters got a lot of prosthetics on and stuff. So—

Edith: Early endorse for makeup.

Rupert: Yeah.

Edith: That was me, too. It took them five hours to do this.

Rupert: Five hours?—

Edith: No, I’m joking.

All: [Laugh]

Edith: We just can’t believe—I mean this is the first time we’ve

obviously been here. You’ve been here all for the last ten years, or what?

Rupert: Yeah. Yeah, it’s kind of like a second home really. Yeah. So

Edith: Being driven around in golf buggies. That’s “the know” of it. You’ve still got your name on the front, actually!

Rupert: I do have a bike, though. A BMX with my name on it.

Edith: Really?

Rupert: A pink one, yeah.

Edith: You can just keep the fitness level up watching you.

Rupert: Yeah. No, it’s good!

Edith: But, we can’t believe, like, the enormity of the Harry—how massive everything is! And also, there’s obviously, you know, a little bit of “You can’t go there. Don’t look at that. Don’t mention that.” So, they want secrecy around the final two films which—.

Rupert: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Edith: Which is what you’re filming at the minute.

Rupert: Yeah, we’re in Malfoy Manor at the moment. And, yeah, it’s just—it’s amazing kind of walking around there because there’s so many sets and it’s just…Yeah, it’s like, uh…Yeah, it’s incredible. Yeah.

Edith: [Laughs] And, how many times have you seen the new film that’s just out?—Half-Blood Prince.

Rupert: Uh, about four times I’ve seen it. Yeah!

Edith: Does it still kind of amaze you when you watch what it looks like in the final thing, you know, from being in it and just being—you know, we were just saying when you step out of Dumbledore’s office you’re in a building site. But, as soon as you step in a bit it’s quite magical and you feel like you are in it. But, when you see the final thing, is it still quite amazing for you after all this time?

Rupert: It is, yeah. I mean, um, especially with, like–because all the special effects stuff we just don’t see when we’re filming. Like the Quidditch stuff. I had no idea what was going on when I was doing that.

Edith: Well done on that, this new film, by the way.

Rupert: Oh, cheers!

Edith: [?]

Rupert: Oh, cool, yeah.

Edith: It’s like a new skill!

All: [Laugh]

Edith: And we spoke to Jessie early on today. She’s brilliant!

Rupert: She’s great, yeah.

Edith: She said she was kind of a little bit in awe when she turned up to do the screen takes with you because it was all quite ad-lib, and stuff. And that she was pretty much like her character, so…

Rupert: Yeah, because I was kind of involved with, like, the kind of the casting and that. It was—yeah, it was quite—

Edith: Did you get a say there?

Rupert: Yeah, David was quite interested to see kind of my opinion on it I guess.

Edith: She’s fit! [Laughs]

Rupert: Yeah, it was like that because there was kind of about..eight different girls.

Edith: Wow!

Rupert: Yeah, it was quite great, yeah.

Edith: That’s brilliant!

Rupert: [Laughs]

Edith: So, you get to choose your own girlfriend for the film.

Rupert: Yeah, Jessie’s great, though. She kind of didn’t sit it out.
She was quite scary, yeah.

Edith: “Quite scary”. You know, what you want in a real-life girlfriend.

Part 2

Edith: We are back in Dumbledore’s office. And when we arrived this morning and we weren’t allowed to come in—All the rest of the crew here with us came in and set up, and stuff. I mean, when you go to stare it’s like leave until the last minute and come in and they want to see your initial reaction. James and I were properly like [dramatic gasp]. And you can see a video of that online right now; On the homepage there’s a picture of me in my witch’s outfit although Rupert didn’t see much difference from anyway.

Rupert: [Laughs]

Edith: Click on that and it will take you to the video! And, I’ve got to say congratulations first of all on the new film because you’ve come through as a comedy genius for this film. It’s nice how your character’s developed. Have you been kind of intricate of how Ron’s developed as a character?

Rupert: Um, I don’t know. I mean, every year there’s kind of a different side you see in Ron. And in this one it was—I had a really good time doing this one. It was just nice to have someone to really kind of get stuck in to. Because in the previous one Ron’s been kind of a wimp, really, and not really kind of done much. But, um, yeah, it was nice to kind of see Ron get a bit of glory, really.

Edith: Yeah, you know. He’s loving the Quidditch. He’s also loving the ladies—

James: Let’s be honest. It’s Jessie who mainly you’ll get stuck into in the film.

All: [Laugh]

James: We should explain Jessie is Lavendar, right? Your girlfriend.

Edith: Yeah.

Rupert: Uh, yeah. Jessie’s Ron’s girlfriend and, um, she’s very kind of unstable and kind of obsessed with Ron and it kind of makes Ron feel really uncomfortable.

James: He at first loves her, though, doesn’t he? Because the thing is she’s into him.

Rupert: Oh, yeah. I mean, he’s kind of the Quidditch hero and he kind of gets carried away with the whole kind of attention he’s getting. It kind of slowly becomes slightly annoying.

James: Rupert, we’ve all been there.

Edith and Rupert: [Laugh]

Rupert: Yeah!

Edith: I heard as well that you’re the person on the set that kind of has fits of laughter a lot of the time. You have giggles a lot.

Rupert: Yeah.

Edith: Is that just because you all get on really well, and it just so relaxed on the set for you all?

Rupert: I guess so. But, I mean, uh…I kind of—

Edith: Or, are you just kind of a joker?

Rupert: I don’t know. I mean, this laughing thing has been going on for a long time. It’s kind of a problem I’ve had for a while now. It’s not even real laughter, to be honest [Edith laughs]. It’s just noise. It’s just kind of really annoying. Yeah, you can see it in the crew’s faces because every scene is, like, thirty takes.

Edith: [Laughs] Really?

Rupert: Yeah.

Edith: I heard Emma’s [nickname] was One-Take Watson. Is that right?

Rupert: Yeah. Um, I’m Go-Again Grint!


Edith: [Laughs] [?] Can we reveal some of your dark secrets if possible, please? We got a couple of questions that might reveal a few things.

Rupert: Oh really? [Laughs]

Edith: Yeah. Have you ever taken a little souvenir from the set?
Rupert: Um…Yes.

Edith and Rupert: [Laugh]

Rupert: Uh, yeah…It’s not really—I mean…um [Laughs]

Edith: Come on, tell us! You can’t say yes and not tell us what it is!

James: [Joking] [?] from behind us over there is Kevin, one of the props guards. Hi, Kevin!

Edith and Rupert: [Laugh]

Rupert: Well, um…Yeah, okay. I took something once from the, uh…Let’s see. It was, um…I took one of the Golden Egg. It was, like, one of the dragon’s Egg. And, uh, yeah, I took that. But I didn’t hang on to it.—

Edith: [Laughing] You lost it!—

Rupert: It was quite a valuable prop. And they traced it down and took off with it.

James and Edith: [Laugh]

Edith: You returned it!

Rupert: But, um…Yeah, I’ve got a tie from the last film; a Gryffindor tie.

Edith: A tie? Brilliant.

Rupert: Yeah, you could probably get [?].

All: [Laugh]

Edith: I wanted to just kind of quietly take one of the forks from the…the big table [in the Great Hall] which is at the end.

Rupert: Oh, yeah!

Edith: Dipped in real gold, [?] they had. Uh, have you ever fancied one of the extras?

All: [Laugh]

Rupert: Um… [Laughs]

Edith: There’s that laugh and then you start—

James: The laugh is basically saying, “Yes, I have”.

Edith: Yeah, it is!

Rupert: Well, um…yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of extras. Some scenes have, like three hundred and fifty.

Edith: There’s got to be at least one, isn’t there?

Rupert: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Haha!

Edith: [Laughs] So, the next thing I need to ask you is Go-Again Grint, is that generally your nickname?

Rupert: Sometimes. At the moment it’s Heart-Attack-Pig-Boy.
James and Edith: [Laugh]

Edith: What? …Why?

Rupert: Um, I suppose I should explain that. It’s, um, probably the swine flu.

Edith: Aww! Mate.

Rupert: It does get a lot of pig stuff on that.

James: [Sarcastic] That’s very caring of your co-workers!

Rupert: [Sarcastic] I know it is, yeah.

Edith: [Laughing] Heart-Attack-Pig-Boy! That’s so evil!

James: So, if you see Rupert in the street—And we all know what he looks like—just shout out to him, everybody! He’ll love it.

Edith: [Laugh] Yeah! Have you ever had a bit of a divas drop on the set?

Rupert: Um, no, I haven’t. I honestly haven’t. Uh, no, we get kind of everything—I’ve got a great dressing room—

Edith: I was going to ask because you had schoolrooms linked to your dressing rooms, obviously, previously. What have you replaced that with now?

Rupert: Oh yeah, um…Well, my now is basically just a games room. I’ve got, uh, table tennis, darts, uh—Air hockey, now, is a new thing I’ve got.

Edith: Wow.

Rupert: So, yeah. No, it’s the place to be, yeah.

Edith: [Laughs] You’re like, “Extras, come this way!”

Both: [Laugh]

Edith: Listen, we’ve got some tracks. We’ve done a little bit of research into musical tastes. And we’ve got three tracks that we hope reflect the broad spectra of music that you’re into. Have a listen to this and we’re going to have you to pick one of these tracks. Okay, here we go. This is Green Day. [Plays part of Time of Your Life by Green Day, and then plays Save the World, Get the Girl by The King Blues] [Have you heard] The King Blues—Save the World, Get the Girl?

Rupert: [Voice drowned out by music]

Edith: You’ve not heard that one? Okay.

James: [Makes a honking noise over music]

Rupert: [Laughs]

Edith: That was Save the World, Rupert. [Plays part of Rock the Casbah by The Clash] And The Clash—Rock the Casabah.

Rupert: Oh yeah.

Edith: Yes, we did two out of three [?] What do you want to go for, then?

Rupert: What’s that middle one? I haven’t heard that one.

Edith: King Blues!

Rupert: l’d like [to know] what that one is, yeah.

Edith: He’s open to new music! I like it!

Rupert: [Laughs]

Edith: This is Save the World, Get the Girl; a choice by Rupert.

[This next part doesn’t have Rupert in it. But, James and Edith talk about Rupert in this last little segment.]

Gushing Session!

Edith: You have just joined us. It’s just after [a] quarter [until] two on Radio 1 and we’re coming to you live from the set of Harry Potter. The brand new film is out today. James is with us. Hey!

James: Happy Harry Potter Day to you!

Edith: Happy Harry Potter Day to you! How lovely is Rupert?

James: Well, I think he’s renowned in the Harry Potter franchise, but also in the film industry. [He] has just been the most chilled-out guy—

Edith: He’s so laid back!

James: I cannot imagine anything fazing him. He’s so laid back. So chilled. So friendly.

Edith: And, you know, you can get the total opposite with the fact that they’ve been in this for, what, ten years now?

James: Since he was, like, eleven years old.

Edith: He could be a right little spoiled brat (You know what I mean.) after being involved in all this and the attention and the money and all that. But, [he’s] so, so grounded!

James: God help him, as well, because he’s so recognizable, you know. And if you’re chilled out about it all, people recognize you in the streets and clubs—whatever. It’s going to take a new stride.

Edith: I think what also helps him chill out is the fact that he owns an ice cream van—which I absolutely love that fact. That’s amazing!

James: It’s a true fact, ladies and gentlemen!—

Edith: It’s a true fact! He told us. He’s been doing some work on it. He’s been repainting it. So, you know, I like to see the fact that he’s getting dirty as well.

James: I’ll have two 99’s please, Rupert!

Edith: Yeah, and don’t be shy on the flakes!

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