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Rupert Grint has played Harry Potter’s loveable sidekick for more than half his life, so what’s life like now the films have finished? TheVine’s Kelly Griffin caught up with the young man, who’s increasingly being described as so laid back he’s horizontal, to talk about fame, that kiss, and what’s next, now that the final film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the top-grossing franchise of all time hits cinemas this week.

TheVine: How was the last day of filming?

Rupert Grint: “It was a weird day. I didn’t know what to expect or how I’d feel, really. It was really sad; the whole week leading up to it had this weird feeling about it. When I was cleaning out my dressing room and boxing it up, I found all these birthday cards from when I was 14 and it just really makes you think how long we’ve been in that building and just been with all these people. My last day just had a really final feeling about it and all those ten years just came down to one final shot. David yelled ‘cut’ and that was it. It was just like that really, and then we did cry. It was Dan and Emma who triggered me off. I’m going to miss it, genuinely.”

There’s been so much build up and talk about Ron and Hermoine’s first kiss. What was it like filming that scene?

“That scene is quite an important scene for both the characters, it’s something that has kind of been built up throughout the films. It’s quite an anticipated moment for a lot of people, and we did feel a bit of pressure to get it right and make sure it looked like we wanted to do it, which in reality we didn’t really, obviously because I’ve known Emma since she was nine years old and over the years just watched each other grow up. It really is like a brother-sister thing, and the thought of kissing her just seemed really weird. It took a while for us to focus on that and concentrate on blocking out Emma and Rupert and just get really into the characters.”

Did you see the new film in 3D? How did you feel about it?

“3D, ha, especially with that kiss scene in 3D. 3D really adds something, I think. I’m quite new to the whole 3D thing, but yeah I think it really works, it really gives that kind of extra depth and it really quite immerses you in there and it works particularly well for this film because it’s such a huge kind of epic explosion.”

Can you tell us about spending your entire childhood on a Harry Potter set? Do you ever wonder what you might have missed out on?

“It’s hard to think what I might have missed because this is all I’ve ever really known. I guess aspects of school life you kind of miss out on. Whenever I did go back, for like exams and stuff, it was always quite a struggle to fit back in. So I guess on a social side it’s kind of a sacrifice, but I’ve never regretted it or resented it at all. It’s just been a very different childhood, and one full of opportunity and excitement, really. I’ve loved it.”

Dan said recently that he had some problems with alcohol. What was your reaction when you read that and have you had any problems yourself because of the pressure? Obviously you also became a big star at a very young age.

“It’s never really affected me to be honest. If you really think about it then, yeah, there is a lot of pressure, especially when you’re part of something that’s such a big commitment at such a young age. It can be quite restrictive of your freedom. It’s not like most kids, who can just do anything and make mistakes and just move on, because you’re in the public eye and that makes things a little trickier. For me, I’ve always kind of felt I can do what I want, really. You have to experience these things and make mistakes just to grow; it’s apart of life. It’s quite liberating now actually, finishing, and to have a bit of freedom and not always be thinking about these films. It’s nice.”

During the films, you didn’t feel as free as you feel now?

“No, because we couldn’t do stuff like go skiing or do anything dangerous and hair, as well, we didn’t have complete control of our hair, which sounds ridiculous but it’s just little things like that. Now that we’ve finished, not that I’ve done anything really different at all, it’s just a good feeling, I’m enjoying it and trying to embrace it.”

What’s the next step for Rupert as person, actor…?

“I don’t really know to be honest. Obviously I do want to keep on acting, I definitely want to make more films. After I finished filming there was this empty feeling and I felt a bit lost without it and didn’t know quite what to do with myself. I did do another film recently, a WWII film and that was really fun. It was really nice to be on a different set. I think I needed to do that and be a different character for a change.”

What’s the single best memory you would have of the entire series? I know it’s hard to pick one as it’s been a long time. Don’t think too hard, just pick the first one that comes to your mind.

“The first one that comes to my mind is the first scene where everyone comes together. It was an amazing set in the great hall, it had the floating candles and the feast was on and literally every cast member was in this room. It was just amazing, it was just so much fun, and quite overwhelming to be suddenly in this huge world. Whenever I see that scene, it just brings me straight back to that moment.”

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