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Rupert Grint Makes Ice-Cold Indulgence

Jamie Portman, CanWest News Service

LONDON — Rupert Grint has bought himself an ice-cream van — and he couldn’t be happier.

He may be in the money thanks to the role of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, but so far that van is his one big indulgence.

Costar Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, is green with envy.

“When you say ‘ice cream van’ it’s not just the shell of an ice-cream van,” she says. “It’s got like real ice cream and sweets and toppings. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet. I really want to see it.”

Grint assures her that she will. He used to follow ice-cream trucks as a kid, and now that he’s 19, he figures owning one is a good investment in case this acting gig doesn’t work out over the long haul.

“I haven’t given it much thought, to be honest, but I think I definitely want to continue acting,” Grint said. “But I don’t know, so I’ll just see where it goes from there, really — and if it doesn’t work out, I’ve still got the ice cream van!”

After he passed his driving test five months ago, he didn’t buy a car — he went out and found an ice-cream van which would meet every child’s expectations.

In many ways, this teenager with the engaging grin and unruly red hair is the most down-to-earth of the the three Harry Potter stars. He’s candid about his lack of acting experience when he joined forces with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. That movie marked his professional acting debut, and at the time, Grint was unsure whether he wanted to continue playing Ron to the end of the seven-film cycle. Now it’s certain that all three will remain — in fact they start work this autumn on the sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Meanwhile he had a ball working on the current instalment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, opening July 11.

“I really liked doing my scenes — they were really cool,” he remembers. “It was a really good sort of atmosphere on the set and you got to do loads of stunts which is pretty cool.”

He reveals that in one sequence Ron and Hermione fight a duel. “Yeah, and who wins?” interrupts Watson who’s sitting next to him at the press conference.

Grint thinks that it’s been good for the cast to work with a succession of different directors — Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell and now David Yates. “It’s always been quite exciting to meet a new one.”

He tends to be recognized often on the street because of his trademark hair, but that’s never been a problem for him. “When I get recognized they always say good things about the film and I’ve always had good feedback.”

But he also finds it weird to watch the earlier films these days.

“Looking back at all the films, it just seems like one big long film,” he said. “It’s weird to look back at the early ones because of how young we were and how much we’ve changed now — but we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a really good part of my life.”

Original article found here: The StarPhoenix | July 9, 2007

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