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Rupert Grint Nickeldeon Takes Over The Superbowl

Courtesy of Emma Watson Empire


Rupert Grint and Emma Watson made an appearance this morning on Nickelodean Takes Over the Superbowl on CBS.

First they answered a few questions about football, the hosts of the show commenting that Emma and Rupert being English wouldn’t know about American Football. But the joke was Emma and Rupert answered the questions very factually.

Then, at the end of the interview, the interviewer asked Emma how she felt slime would affect the game, and when Emma replied she didn’t think it would, in the Nickelodeon tradtion, they slimed Rupert and Emma!

Brent: In England, when they’re talking about football, they’re really talking about soccer. These guys won´t even know what we’re talking about.

Candice: Oh, you’re right, let’s take it easy on them.

Brent: Yes, of course.

Candice: Emma, Rupert are you there?

Rupert: Hi Brent

Emma: Hi Candice.

Candice: Are you two big football fans?

Emma: Yeah, we love it!

Rupert: Oh, yeah.

Brent: All right, let’s start with the basics. How many goals will Carolina score tonight?

Emma: Goals? Don’t you mean touchdowns?

Brent: (laughs) Yeah, touchdowns, right.

Emma: Well, it’s tough to say. Both teams are decisive powerhouses. So I think it’s imperative that there are no mistakes on either side.

Brent: Lucky guess. She’s got that “British Accent”, so she thinks she knows what she’s talking about. Okay watch this . . . Hey, Rupert! Tell me, could the Patriot offense get anything done against the disguised blitz scheme to the Panthers?

Rupert: Good question, Brent. I feel like if the running backs could pick up the blitz, and the linemen stay in their lanes, they may make their blocks, yeah, simple stuff, really.

Brent: Yeah, okay, Candice a little help here?

Candice: So, what role do you think slime will play in the game?

Rupert: Slime?

Emma: (laughs) I don’t understand.

Candice: Yeah, it’s a fundamental part of football.

Emma: I have to say I don’t think it will be a factor at all.

Candice: Oh, really? (Pushes button on remote control)

(Emma screams and jumps as slime lands on both of them. Rupert stands there like ‘it figures’, and then begins to laugh. Emma jumps up and down)

Candice: See you later!

Brent: See, now, football is totally different over there.


Original article from Nickelodeon (CBS) not availableI August, 2004

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