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Rupert Grint on the new cover of Lad Mag!

Harry Potter’s mate just got very hot. Nom. Nom.

We love a red head. And who better to wave the flag for flame haired fit boys everywhere than the so-laid-back-he’s-almost-vertical Rupert Grint. We’ve been obsessed with watching the shy awkward stars of the film grow from cute to ‘crikey, you’re fit!’ ever since they first climbed on their Nimbuss 3000.

Whilst most people like to bag on about Daniel Radcliffe and naked play, we’ve been quietly keeping our crushometer on stand by for Harry’s hapless side kick Ron Weasley – aka the Rupster. And when you see these fit-tastic shots of him, stand by for said crushometer to go off the scale.

He’s got that massively sexy thing going on where he has absolutely NO IDEA how fit he actually is. And even better, as we snuck onto the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to quiz him on how he’s feeling about hanging up his wand for good *sob* we uncovered what seems to be a secret obsession. To find out what, you’ll need to get your hands on the brand new LadMag next week.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to start camping outside your newsagents now, we’ve also been asking boys to reveal exactly why a carrot shaped like a penis makes them crack up for hours. This and other boy-related humour mysteries have been solved by our crack panel. So no more straining to fake laugh next time you don’t get his jokes. Phew.

We’ve also dived into the minds of the male speciesto uncover why lads sometimes seem like they’ve been hit over the head with an emotional hammer. What do you mean you haven’t noticed we’re upset? We’ve been using your jumper as a tissue for the last FIVE HOURS!

Plus, there’s true life stories that’l make you shocked, amazing confessions that’ll make you squirm, celeb boys that’ll make you feel a little hot under the collar AND A HUGE JUSTIN BIEBER POSTER! Exhausting? Yes. Worth it? Hell, yes.

Original article found here: Sugar Scape | October 25th, 2010

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