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Rupert Grint Plans for the Future Takes Role in Edgy Indie Drama

By Eugene Novikov

Harry Potter has got to end sometime, and by “sometime” I mean in less than three years when

the second cinematic half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sees

release. And some people would like to still have a career when that happens, thank you very much. To that end, Rupert Grint – a.k.a. Ron Weasley — has taken a role in an indie film called Cherry Bomb, which sounds about as far from Harry Potter as you can get without developing an erotic fixation on horses.

The film, written by acclaimed playwright Daragh Caville, focuses on three teens who set out for a wild weekend of drugs, sex and crime only to see it escalate into something far more serious than they imagined. It co-stars relative unknowns Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon, and is set for release next year.

While Daniel Radcliffe has tried more extreme methods of branching out (mainly by taking that infamous role in Equus, which is coming to Broadway per the above link) and Emma WatsonThe Tale of Despereaux, but hasn’t done very much at all (she voices a character in this year’s that seems to be it), Grint has spent what spare time he has toiling away in indieville. Cherry Bomb was preceded by the reasonably well-received and much less racy Driving Lessons, about a troubled boy’s friendship with a retired actress. was preceded by the reasonably well-received and much less racy.

It’s already so hard for child actors to make a successful transition into adult careers, but it’s harder still for actors who are inextricably identified with particular roles. Of the three Potter kids, Grint looks the least like a movie star — which could wind up being good or bad. In his case I think indie films and supporting roles are the way to go, so he’s doing it right.

Original article can be found here at Cinematical I July 6, 2008

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