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Rupert Grint stole from the Harry Potter set

We don’t blame you Rupert Grint!

We don’t condone stealing but if we’d been on the Harry Potter set we’d at least have tried to stuff the sorting hat up our top and casually walk out. Don’t judge us, just think how AWESOME it would be to have the Harry Potter SORTING HAT?! Anyway Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley obviously had the same idea because he’s admitted that the stole from the set….

… but had to put it back!

According to Sky News, Rupert confessed, “Do you know, I don’t actually have many souvenirs from the past 11 years. They’re really strict about stuff like that.

I remember in the first film there was this amazing big golden dragon egg that opened up and there was crystal inside. One afternoon I just put it in a pillowcase and smuggled it home.”

Oh Rupert you naughty boy! Although… a pillowcase? Was that the most inconspicuous thing you could think of?

He added, “But a few days after, Warner Bros. started this massive hunt to find out who took the dragon egg, so I had to anonymously hand it in and hope no one would guess that it was me.”

That’s really embarrassing. Imagine if they’d found out that it wasn’t some random extra who stole it but lead role Ron Weasley himself! Well, we guess they know now…

Rupert did get to keep something from his time there though, click next to find out what…

Original article found here: | July 17th, 2011

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