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Rupert Grint to star along side Bill Nighy in new Hitman Film

Rupert is set to star alongside BAFTA award-winning actor Bill Nighy and Helena Bonham Carter as a young apprentice hitman in the Jonathan Lynn directed movie, Wild Target. He plays Antoine, a young apprentice for expert hitman Bill Nighy.

Rupert Grint is keeping himself busy as he is set again to star in another movie after completing, Cherrybomb (2009). Jonathan Lynn will be shooting his new movie ‘The Wild Target’ in London and the Isle of Man on September 16th, 2008. The screenplay is written by playwright Lucinda Coxon, based on the 1993 French film ‘Cible Emouvante’

Brief synopsis of the film:

This dark comedy has a middle-aged hitman Victor Meynard (played by Bill Nighy) go on his last hit job before he retires. He ends up running into a delivery boy, Antoine (Rupert Grint). Unable to kill the adolescent, Meynard adopts him as his apprentice, in spite of Antoine’s evident lack of enthusiasm for his new career. They are hired by a Corsican gangster to kill a con artist Renée Dandrieux (Helena Bonham Carter). Again, Meynard’s luck is against him, and when he fails to kill Renée, with Antoine’s help, the Corsican gangster sends another hitman to kill all three of them.’

Rupert’s agency, Hamilton Hodell, who also represent House M.D star Hugh Laurie and Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, have updated their official site with this new movie project as a part of Rupert’s resume.

“Wild Target” has a tentative release date for March 2009, along with Rupert’s other new indie film Cherrybomb which is released early next year and is currently in post-production. With Half-Blood Prince coming out in July 2009, there is obviously more time to work on other projects before Deathly Hallows, the final Harry Potter film, begins filming in February 2009.

Written by Jen Joli

Original article found here at PR-inside I September 4, 2008

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