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Rupert Grint WINS at Singing!

Ron Weasley has the Voice of an ANGEL:

He might have lip synced in the Ed Sheeran video, but knew that Rupert Grint could take the flame haired singer at his own game?

The Harry Potter actor whipped out his hidden vocal talent for Postman Pat: The Movie, and when he opened his mouth a dazzling amalgamation of Justin Timberlake and One Direction jumped out. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit (Ron Weasley forever!), but he is pretty damned good.

Cop and ear-load for yourself below and see what I mean!

As if hearing him get his Backstreet Boys circa 1999 out wasn’t enough, there is also a cute radio interview of him being refreshingly modest about his singing skills.

Have a listen to his adorable British reserve below;

Bless his cotton socks!

Oh, and for those of you out there who are confused about why there is a movie about a postman in desperate need of a nose job, let me explain!

Postman Pat is a much loved British stop-motion animation about a some dude delivering parcels in a rural village. Sometimes he is confronted with moments of mild peril like losing a grumpy woman’s umbrella (Shock, horror!), and that’s about all that happens. Kids like some weird stuff.

Original article found | MAY, 26th 2014

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