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Rupert Grint’s gruelling film role

Rupert Grint has revealed that he was kept on his toes during a film shoot in severe weather.

In his first role since Harry Potter, the British star headed to Norway and Sweden to film Second World War movie Comrade, which is directed by Norwegian filmmaker Petter Naess.

“It was filmed in April, in winter, it was freezing, and we were just on a mountain in this really remote part of Norway. It was quite extreme,” he recalled.

Despite the tough conditions, Rupert – better known for playing Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley in the wizarding saga – found it exhilarating.

“It was good fun as well, it was something completely different, but I really enjoyed it,” he continued.

“I play a British, Scouse RAF gunner. It’s a great story, because it’s a true story. David Cross from The Reader plays one of the Nazi pilots who have to live together to survive in this harsh climate.”

The 22-year-old was drawn to the war element in Comrade

“It’s a part of history I’m really interested. It’s not really a story so much about the violence of war, it’s just a story of survival really and these two groups of enemies coming together and forming this friendship,” he said.

And he plans to keep switching between bigger Hollywood films and smaller indie movies, such as Cherrybomb and Wild Target. “My future is a bit blurry at the moment. I definitely want to keep acting and finding different roles,” he added.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is out now.

Original article found here:| July 17th, 2011

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