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Rupert Grint’s looking fit at the British Animal Honours 2013

Ron Weasley is looking fineeeee

Rupert Grint was looking rather fit when he turned up at the British Animal Honours in London last night, and he may have just reignited our obsession with him (not that it ever really ended in the first place).


Rupert arrived at the event last night looking casually handsome in his black ensemble, complete with black trainers; and his cheeky grin is making us go a little bit crazy.

The one thing we don’t like here is the orange caterpillar Rupert seems to be growing above his lip. But we’ll let him get away with it as he’s otherwise looking utterly gorgeous and well, he’s Rupert Grint – he can do anything and we’ll still love him.


If you didn’t guess from the title of the event, The British Animal Honours is a new TV show which honours all the super-duper animals which deserve recognition in the UK (obviously). It’s only natural that Rupert would be at the event, as we all know he’s a bit of an animal lover – he even owns two teacup pigs called Stanley and Oscar. Amazing names.

We’re adding Rupert supporting this event to the long list of reasons why we fancy the pants off him. COULD HE BE ANYMORE PERFECT? Sigh.

Hasn’t little Ron Weasley grown up well? It seems like only yesterday he was throwing up slugs and wearing bad, homemade jumpers. We’re off to crack out the Harry Potter boxset so we can get our Rupert fix

Original article found | April, 12th 2013

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