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Rupert has a Grint in his eye

Written by Nadia Mendoza


RUPERT GRINT has gone from boy wizard to, dare we say it, sexed-up cover boy.

The flame-haired twenty-something has gone from podgy-faced sidekick to chisel-chopped leading man.

Rupert, who plays Ron Weasley in the magical franchise alongside DANIEL RADCLIFFE, has been busy posing for uber-trendy magazine Blag.

He is promoting saucy new flick Cherrybomb in which female fans will be pleased to know he gets his kit off.

The film follows three teens who embark on a debauched weekend of drink, drugs, shop-lifting and stealing cars.

Not exactly bedknobs and broomsticks then.

Original article found at The Sun I March 5, 2009

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