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The actor of Ron spoke of filming The Order of the Phoenix:

“Working on the film keeps me busy every day, five days a week. I used to take classes before, but I’ve quit school recently. It became really difficult to juggle (school) with filming. I prefer to concentrate on being an actor.”

For Rupert, playing in Driving Lessons and in Harry Potter were two very different ways of working. “In all the Harry Potter films, we have to do a lot of acting in front of blue screens. In Driving Lessons, there aren’t any special effects. It’s mu ch easier not having to imagine the set. It’s simpler and more attractive.”

Rupert feels more like Ron than Ben, who is, according to him, “timid, very calm, and complicated. I think he’s more withdrawn, but I dance just as badly as he does!” he added.

About his first onscreen kiss in Driving Lessons, he responds frankly as is his custom:

“It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be, but it was still hard because everyone was watching us. We did five takes but my partner was really helpful.” To respond to a question we posed, Rupert specified that he would date a fan as long as she was “very nice.”

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Translation by Sophia