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Sneakers on red carpet: In or Out?

If the recent celebrity craze is to be believed, then sneakers are the new style staple for men. From red carpets to news conferences to fashion shows to awards ceremony, this ‘comfort meets relaxed chic’ casual style was seen on stylish men with aplomb. However, if you feel sad that the trend may
declare the end of the formal dressing for men, then think again. Some of the men did make it work for them and looked dishy, sporting sneakers even at formal dos.

We did a style detour and found four men who looked fashionable in this trend. From Hollywood, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, TV actor Adrian Grenier and Bollywood actors Imran Khan and Shahid Kapur wore a pair of sneakers in distinctive style.

Shahid KapoorExperts maintain that the casual style at the formal do is a tricky style to pull off. So here’s looking whether the stars fared high on style or looked downright dowdy? We get our panel of experts — Fashion designer Rahul Khanna of ‘Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna’, fashion editor of Man’s World magazine Rin Jajo and fashion designer Sanchita Ajjampur to give us their verdict on this trend.

Rupert Grint: Wore lace-up high top sneakers at a media conference in Japan

Rahul Khanna [3/10]
“The look is too casual for a red-carpet event. It really doesn’t work. In addition to looking sloppy, the faded double layered look is not a good option.”
Rin Jajo [5/10]
“The over-all colour combination of his clothes though a bit boring, works well and the colourful shoes are nice. His hair needs to be well-groomed and and a fitted jacket would give his torso a bit more structure.”
Sanchita Ajjampur [8/10]
“His shoes are the perfect contrast of colour, deconstruction, and grunge. The tee under the sweater is banal. A colour or a print will bring life to the entire look. A vintage printed tee or a plain coloured shirt may add an edge to the look. “

Original article found here: Hindustan Times | November 30th, 2010

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