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Stig Henrik Hoff: – This is absolutely magical!

Norwegian ”Into the White” sold to 21 countries!

And this was how it was for Stig Henrik Hoff to work with the Harry Potter star. See the first pictures from the film here.

Norway is facing a solid spring when it comes to Norwegian films on the big screen.

One of the films that we can look forward to is “Into the White” by Petter Næss, the director behind such films as “Elling” and “Tatt av Kvinnen”. He has managed to secure on his team, the actor Rupert Grint known for his role as Ron in the “Harry Potter” films, and not least our own Stig Henrik Hoff who has taken on the part of a German soldier for the occasion.

The film will premiere in the Norwegian cinemas on March 9, and even before the premiere in Norway the film has received much interest from the rest of the world.

Today the press release arrived that “Into the White” has been sold to all of 21 countries, among them are United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Luxembourg and Macedonia.

– Holy shit, this is absolutely magical! It is incredibly fun and you can’t be anything but grateful. This is the whole point. You work on a film so that it can be seen, many might say that they do it for other reasons, but I don’t believe that. Now I just hope that I’ll be able to travel around the world with this film and show off what we have to offer, a delighted Stig Henrik Hoff says to “God Kveld Norge.”

The film which is based on a true story from the war where a British and a German plane shoot each other down over the Norwegian mountains following a violent battle April 27 1940.

Three German and two British pilots survive the crash and accidentally seek shelter in the same cabin, and despite the fact that they are fierce enemies in the war, they have to work together to survive in the cabin in the snowy mountains.

– I am also very grateful when I get to work with stories that are actually true. It is not as interesting working on things people say is only for fun. And not least, it has been incredibly exciting working with these big international stars, Hoff tells us.

Because working with a Harry Potter star has also rubbed off on our very own Hoff.

– It’s not every day that 300 screaming fans are standing everywhere outside of my hotel. Now I know they’re not there for me but for Rupert, but that doesn’t matter, Stig Henrik laughs.

Taught Harry Potter star to ski
There is particularly one thing that pops into Stig Henrik’s mind when he recalls the filming with Grint on the snow-covered mountains.

Rupert had in fact never been skiing before and it became an experience with a lot of stumbling and falling.

– No, the boy had never been on skis before. And then it went like it normally does, he fell on his face all the time. We were almost worried for the boy because he almost fell a little too often on the first trip. But you can imagine how it is when you have really old skis and wearing “military boots” that you tie on to the bindings, and barely run down trails, and in addition you’re skiing for the first time. He didn’t get much for free there, let’s put it like that, the actor says.

But it wasn’t just the Harry Potter star who was met with challenges.

Stig Henrik was also faced with difficulties along the way.

– I play a German soldier, but the German wasn’t really a problem for me, it was rather the German-English that was incredibly challenging. It was really difficult. Because when you try to talk with a German-English accent it is very easy to put a French accent in it, and then it’s completely wrong. So I had to work on that a little.

One of the things that excites Stig Henrik most now is that Norway is finally starting to understand that we have to use the thing Norway is most known for when we make movies.

– We in Norway shouldn’t try to copy the big action films from Hollywood who coughs up several hundred thousand dollars into their productions. We don’t have the same budgets that they do, but we have a lot of other things that we just need to take advantage of. We really just have to go with our Viking blood, our exotic people and our nature. This is what interest people from the outside, Stig Henrik says.

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