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Mania met Potter star

Gothenburg: He is known as Ron Weasley in ”Harry Potter.” Rupert Grint can now be seen in the international blockbuster “Comrade” – and creating mania in Trollhättan. – The enthusiasm surprised me, he says.

Norwegian director Petter Näss has gathered his team for the international blockbuster “Comrade” in Trollhättan.
Among the actors is Rupert Grint, who has become a huge success as Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” films. Now he is playing the pilot Robert Smith.

His presence in Trollywood has created mania.

At a press conference, held by the Swedish co-producers “Film i Väst”, there was a lot of pressure on the “Harry Potter” actor. But also the days before. His young fans have been aware for a long time that Rupert was both considered for one of the parts in “Comrade” and that he came for a visit in Trollhättan.

– I’ve hardly slept for days. And we were even in Trollhättan this weekend but didn’t get to see him, Linnea Lidborn from Gothenburg says to TTEla.

Did not stay away
But Rupert did not stay away from his fans.
After the press conference, he went outside among them and wrote autographs. For a long time.
– He seems kind and nice, and really just took the time to do something like this, Elza Meha, from Trollhättan, says to TTEla.

Rupert Grint explains both his surprise and delight at the attention to the magazine.

-It’s amazing to be here, and the enthusiasm really surprised me.

On the “Film i Väst” website, director Petter Näss explains why he chose to work on “Comrade.”
– It’s a wonderful story, and I liked the direct simplicity of it.
Petter Näss is also the screenwriter on the film, and who, when it comes to film, is best known for Elling (2001) which was a huge success with the Norwegian audience and reached international cult status in the early 2000s.

Original article found here: | May 3, 2011| Translation by: Malene

Film Star Visiting Trollhättan

Mania described the situation when British film star Rupert Grint, known from the Harry Potter films, wrote autographs and hugged fans at the press conference of the international blockbuster Comrade, which is currently being filmed in Trollhättan.

It was around 40 screaming fans in ecstasy that met the film star Rupert Grint when he stepped out of the “Film I Väst” entrance doors in Trollhättan. Despite the fact that there are four other main characters in the film, there was understandably more focus on the 22-year-old Rupert Grint.

He has become a world famous name and an idol for the girls after having played the character Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films for about ten years. But before the autograph writing could begin, a press conference was given where his new film “Comrade” was presented:

– It’s wonderful to play someone else after having played the same character for ten years, Rupert Grint says. I’ve had a lot of fun when filming and it feels great to be here (in Trollhättan, ed.).

Rupert Grint plays the character Robin Smith, an artillerist in the English army. Together with another English soldier and three German soldiers they have to survive the harsh Norwegian winter during the beginning of the Second World War. This is after the two enemy planes shot each other down and they are forced to become friends to survive.

The film is inspired by true events and is directed by Norwegian Petter Naess who, among other things, has made the Norwegian hit film Elling from 2001:

– It’s a story about two enemies and what happens when they are forced to cooperate. I like the simplicity of the story and there is also a lot of humor and absurdity that I like, director Petter Naess says.

What the fans outside the “Film I Väst” building liked most was Rupert Grint:

– I really wanted to meet him, I’ve always liked Harry Potter and now I can’t find any words, this is something that only happens once in a lifetime, said Elsa Miha, who was one of the fans that waited outside the building to catch a glimpse of their idol.

The film then? Yes, half of it has already been filmed in Norway and the filming began in Trollhättan on April 27. Filming will continue for three more weeks and then the film will be edited. The theatrical release will be sometime in February next year.

Original article found here: | May 3, 2011| Translation by: Malene

Emotions ran high

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint met his fans

Tears of joy when Grint met his fans
Hug from an idol. There was a big commotion when Rupert Grint went outside to meet his fans after the press conference Monday at “Film I Väst.” He has played the role as Potter’s best friend in all the Harry Potter films. Now, Grint is in Trollhättan to participate in Petter Naess’s new film Comrade.

Harry Potter’s best friend, Ron Weasley, is in Trollhättan. Or rather, the actor Rupert Grint.
There has been a lot of attention among his young admirers who have been gathering everywhere he might show up.

Rupert Grint has one of the main roles in Petter Naess’s new film Comrade which is filmed in Trollhättan at the moment. For the 22-year-old British actor, this will be his first big role outside of the Harry Potter world.
“After having played the same character for ten years, it’s fun to do something different”, says Rupert Grint, who is a bit surprised about all the attention he is raising in town.
During the weekend, large crowds of young, mainly female, admirers have gathered to catch a glimpse of their idol.
“I didn’t think that would happen, but it’s fun and I’m having a great time here in Trollhättan”, Rupert Grint says.

Went up on stage

Together with fellow actor Lachlan Nieboer, he also contributed to the party atmosphere at Butlers during the weekend when he went up on stage and revived an Oasis song.
During the press conference at “Film I Väst” they both wore a Butlers t-shirt as well (!!).
Comrade is based on a true story which plays out during the beginning of the Second World War. Besides Rupert Grint, the main roles are played by David Kross (The Reader), Florian Lukas (Good Bye Lenin), Lachlan Nieboer (Torchwood) and Stig Henrik Hoff.
They play two British and three German flyers who, against all odds, survive when their fighter planes are forced to crash land in the Norwegian wilderness after a violent air battle.
The men seek shelter in the same mountain cabin, and isolated from the outside world, they struggle to make it through the harsh winter. After a while, an unlikely friendship arises between the two enemy camps.
“For me, it’s a film about dignity. An absurd story that even has some humoristic undertones”, Norwegian director Petter Naess tells us.

Cold in the studio

It is the interior scenes in the Norwegian mountain cabin that are being filmed in Trollhättan. The exterior scenes were already filmed in Norway.
“Film I Väst’s” large studio has been properly chilled in order to achieve an authentic feeling.
“I don’t know the exact temperature, but it is cold enough to see one’s breath”, Petter Naess says.
The filming will be underway for another two weeks. Comrade will be in theaters in February if everything goes according to plan.

Original article found here:| May 2, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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Comrade attracts film stars to Trollhättan

A new international blockbuster is currently being filmed in Trollhättan. Comrade is inspired by a true story from the Second World War where the animosity between three German and two English pilots becomes an unlikely friendship. On Monday, director Petter Naess, representatives from the production company Zentropa and the five main actors gathered for a press conference at “Film I Väst” who is co-producing the film.

Particular attention is naturally directed towards Rupert Grint, known for his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. But even David Kross (The Reader), Florian Lukas (Good Bye Lenin), Stig Henrik Hoff (The Kautokeino Rebellion) and Lachlan Nieboer (Torchwood) are more or less known to a wider audience. They are all equally in the spotlight in this dramatization of a real event from 1940, when Norway was occupied by the Germans.

It is a wonderful story and I liked the direct simplicity of it, director and screenwriter Petter Naess says, who, when it comes to film, is best known for Elling (2001) which was a huge success with the Norwegian audience and reached international cult status in the early 2000s.

Producer Valerie Edwina Saunders (Zentropa International Norway) also celebrates Petter Naess’s ability to tell a story with great insight:

He has an amazing voice for storytelling full of warmth and humor. When we were looking for a common project it was obvious that he should take on this story, she says.

Comrade is about three German and two English soldiers who end up in a fierce air battle above the Norwegian wilderness. A battle that ends with both planes forced to do emergency landings. Against all odds the five men survive, but they are forced to shelter in the same mountain cabin. Isolated from the outside world they struggle to survive the harsh winter. And gradually an unlikely friendship between the two enemy camps arises.

The film crew has filmed the outdoor scenes for three weeks in wintry Norway. Now they are in Trollhättan in as many weeks to film the final interior scenes in a warehouse. To get the environment as authentic as possible, the room is cooled down.

It is wonderful to be here. But also really hard because we have to be inside in the cold when the weather outside is beautiful all the time! Petter Naess complains with a twinkle in his eye.

For the five main actors, the current shooting style resembles a chamber play because all the scenes are set in the same small room that is supposed to be the cabin. It is a tight, intimate setting that seems to have elicited a lovely atmosphere between the actors. And lots of laughter.

I have never laughed so much during any film shoot before, reveals Rupert Grint, who plays the British soldier Robert Smith – an energetic character who is initially more annoyed about being shot down because he had a date with a beautiful girl at the air base that same evening.
It feels great and it’s a fun challenge to play a different character after playing the same part in the Harry Potter films for about ten years, Rupert Grint says.

Jessica Ash, film manager at “Film I Väst” who is co-producing Comrade got hooked on the project immediately:
It’s an exciting story with international potential, and I believe the outcome will be very interesting with Petter Naess as the director. At the same time, we have had a great cooperation in the past with the production company Zentropa. They are usually good at attracting international stars and they have been successful this time as well, she says.

Original article found here: | May 2, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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Rupert Mania in Trollhättan

The Harry Potter star met fans at “Film I Väst”

Actor Rupert Grint is in Trollhättan.

And the mania has reached monumental proportions.

It’s great to be here, and the enthusiasm has really surprised me, he says.

After the role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, Rupert Grint has become a world famous celebrity in the true sense of the word.

It has been particular apparent in Trollhättan in the recent days, where the 23-year-old Brit is living right now due to the filming of Petter Naess’s new movie “Comrade.”

A flock of fans – mostly teenage girls – have inhabited the city’s streets to catch a glimpse of the red-haired star. “Film I Väst” held a press conference about the new film a little while ago, and the mania outside the building was absolute.

– We’re here because we love Rupert so much, Parisa Rezaie says, who traveled to Trollhättan from Gothenburg with Linnea Lidbom and Alice Bilger.

– I’ve hardly slept in days. And we were even in Trollhättan this weekend but didn’t get to see him, Linnea says.

Eventually their long wait paid off.

Because after the press conference Rupert walked out among the fans to write autographs and get his picture taken before it was time to go back to the filming location.

– He seems kind and nice, and really just took the time to do something like this, Elza Meha said, the Trollhättan girl who got an autograph on her shoe.

A more mature audience also got the chance to see Rupert Grint do a really odd show at Butler’s this weekend.

Here, he and Nachlan Nieboer – known from the TV-series Torchwood – gave a musical performance which included “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

Original article found here: | May 2, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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”Ron” filming in Trollhättan

Rupert Grint Press: ”Ron” filming in Trollhättan

Rupert Grint, most famous as Harry Potter’s best friend Ron, is coming to Trollhättan this week to film the movie Comrade.

It is the Norwegian director Petter Naess, best known for the film Elling, who is bringing five young European actors to Trollhättan to film the movie Comrade which is based on real events.

Besides the British actor Rupert Grint, David Kross (who was the male lead in The Reader), Florian Lukas (from Good bye Lenin), Stig Henrik Hoff and Lachlan Nieboer play the five young pilots who survive a dramatic emergency landing during the Second World War.

The film starts shooting on Wednesday and it is a co-production between Danish, Swedish and German Zentropa as well as Film in the West.

Original article found here: | April 27, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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Film stars in action at Hjelle

The centre of Hjelle in Oppstryn was turned into a war-dominated area last week in connection with the filming of the film “Comrade.” Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was one of the international actors who were in action.

– It’s really fun to film a film in Norway. It’s an experience and a challenge, Rupert Grint says, who is best known for playing Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

He was in the film because he liked the script and thought that the film portrays a different side to the Second World War.

Thursday, he and the rest of the actors took part of the action when some of the film scenes from Hjelle were shot. The scenes take place towards the end of the film when the soldiers are taken prisoner and had to be transported further by boat to Stryn.

The antiwar film “Comrade” is directed by Petter Næss, which focuses on incidents that took place on Strynefjellet in April 1940. A German plane was shot down by a British plane. When the British had to do an emergency landing, all the survivors had to seek shelter in the same cabin.

Original article found here: | April 18, 2011

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Blew up warplane during film shoot on Strynefjellet

The war film “Comrade” is these days being filmed in Stryn, and Saturday a warplane was blown up during filming.

Stryn has been taken 70 years back in time this week – all because of a film shoot. The film “Comrade” re-creates an incident from the days of the war where English and German pilots ended up becoming friends.

And one of the main roles in the film is played by none other than Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. He is playing an English soldier in the major Norwegian project.

A replica of a German warplane was set on fire Saturday in the spectacular scene in the middle of Strynefjellet.
The fire was extinguished as soon as the scene was finished because the airplane builders from Lom were hoping that some of the Heinkel-model will be able to be displayed at Grotli afterwards.

– I was offered a role
Asbjørn Lote from Førde was on Strynefjellet to watch the filming. But he got an offer to play a part because they were in shortage of an extra.

– It was great to be involved. I was actually just here as a tourist to watch. But when they asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, I said yes of course. So now I get my name on the credits, Lote says to

– It was nice when the actors came up and greeted me. I felt a little like one of their colleagues, Lote says.

Grint: – I liked the script
In 1940 a German and two English planes ended up in combat. The damage meant that both the German and one English plane had to make an emergency landing on Grotli.

When the soldiers sought shelter in the same cabin they put their weapons down and worked together to survive. A lot of people showed up to see Rupert Grint who is best known for being Harry Potter’s best friend. The film star never doubted whether he would join the film.

– I liked the script. It is kind of an unusual war story, Grint says to NRK.

Tough days of filming in the mountains

A large part of filming has taken place in Hjelle in Oppstryn. The hotel has been transformed into a grocery store, the road laid with gravel and the locals have been turned into German and Norwegian soldiers.

– It is nice to experience a film shoot at close range. You don’t think about what is needed to make a film when you sit in the cinema or in front of the TV at home in the living room, Gunnar Harstad, an extra, says.

The actors have experienced some rough days of filming on Strynefjellet.

– I wasn’t prepared for how extreme it is when the weather is that bad. It was challenging to play the role in that kind of weather. I’m glad it’s over, Grint says.

Original article found here: | April 17, 2011

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Filming a war drama on Strynefjellet

The Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is one of those who in the last weeks have been present during the filming of the film, Comrade, in Grotli.

Thursday, everything was ready for filming some scenes on Hjelle in Stryn with several known Norwegian and foreign actors. Here, the press got a short meeting with the four actors who have the biggest roles.

– It’s fun, but it’s been physical challenging. I wasn’t prepared for it to be this extreme, says Rupert Grint during the short press conference.

Shot down
22 local extras were also included in the filming which is inspired by a true story from the war.

The German pilot Horst Schopis and two fellow soldiers were shot down by a British plane on Grotli on April 27 1940. The British have engine problems themselves and has to make an emergency landing. Incredibly enough, all five of them seek shelter in the same small hunting cabin.

Isolated from the outside world, they have to fight to survive the brutal winter. The war has made them enemies, but they need to share food and cooperate to survive.

More celebrities
The most high-profiled actor in the film is Rupert Grint, known from the Harry Potter films. But there are more known names on the cast list: Lachlan Nieboer (Torchwood 2006), Florian Lukas (North Face 2008, Good Bye Lenin! 2008) and David Kross (The Reader 2008, Krabat 2008).

Several Norwegian actors are in it too: Stig Henrik Hoff (Max Manus 2008, Kautokeino-opprøret 2008), Knut Joner (Max Manus 2008), Sondre Krogtoft Larsen (Umeå4ever 2011), Morten Faldaas (Hawaii, Oslo 2004, Jørgen+Anne=sant 2011).

The director is Petter Næss (Elling 2001, Bare Bea 2004).

Original article found here: | April 14, 2011

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Current: Petter Næss

Few Norwegian directors have made themselves so noticed at home and abroad as Petter Næss. Filming will begin next week on his new project Comrade.

Peter Næss has experience as both a stage director and actor from Oslo Nye Teater among other places. His first feature film was released in 1999 and just 3 years later he was nominated for an Oscar for the film Elling. He was last seen as an actor in the film Max Manus in which he played Captain Martin Linge. His most recent project as a director is Maskeblomstfamilien. However, this week he begins a new project and will take a bunch of Norwegian, German and English actors up to Grotli.

We meet Petter Næss at the Armed Forces aircraft collection where a large press conference is being held in connection with the start of filming. It is a pleasant, relaxed and not least enthusiastic guy that meets us, and he can barely wait to begin this project. It is obvious that he is very proud of Comrade as a project. We asked why he chose to work on this particular project?

There are so many reasons! It is a great premise for a film. Enemies must seek shelter in the same cabin. They try to stay enemies and they represent each their own ideology and attitudes. We get to see them in the transition from barbarism to humanism.

The film Comrade is based on events that took place in Grotli from April 27 1940. A British Skua airplane shoots down a German Heinkel-machine which is flown by the pilot Horst Schopis. Against all odds, he manages to land the airplane and gets two survivors out of the plane. The British airplane is also forced to do an emergency landing, and thus you have five people who are looking for shelter in the beautiful, but harsh, winter landscape of Norway. Eventually they meet in a hunting cabin and this will become an ordeal for all of them.

They come to realize that they have the same needs. They are forced to work together to survive. In fact, all three German men had a Luger each, and could have shot down the British men at once. But it is another thing to meet people face to face than to sit safely in a plane. It is an absurd premise. They become friends and then go out and fight in the war afterwards.

The only survivor, out of the five men that the story is based on, is Horst Schopis. He is now 98 years old and has a standing invitation to go up to Grotli to watch the filming. It is evident that the individual person in the story is very important to Næss as well.

This old distinguished and great man. He will get recognition through this film. The German soldiers will always represent the Third Reich, but here Schopis can restore his dignity. Gain respect for himself and become respected by others.

According to Næss, this production will be cinematically challenging. It deals with intimate, close and human drama. Nature will function as a backdrop, beautiful but also some dangerous shit, as he expresses. It is also an interesting concept with 5 men alone in a cabin.

They get exposed, put to the test and must maintain their authority. Men can be childish! I tend to say that these men are professional pilots, but they are amateurs on the ground. None of what happens in the air means anything on the ground.

Comrade begins filming on Grotli this week, and famous names such as Rupert Grint, Florian Lukas, David Kross and Lachlan Nieboer are already well on their way to the Norwegian mountains. The film is expected to premiere in spring 2012.

Original article found here: | March 28, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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