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TRANSLATION of the Rupert-parts:

“I am really excited about what the battle will look like in the end”, says Grint, who is looking forward to seeing the final on the big screen, just like millions of Potter fans are. “It will be strange, when all the scenery will be destroyed – like the great hall. A giant fireball and dead bodies everywhere. To see it being destroyed somehow touched me. After all, we grew up here. Nevertheless, it looks really cool!”

After the break it was time to work again for the young main actors: TOTAL FILM and many other guests gathered around a monitor next to the set to see how the scene will develop. A very emotional scene: Harry realized which consequences Voldemort’s attack has for his surroundings and Grint has to use all his emotional feelings, as he sees a certain victim of the battle. At the monitor you feel the lumps in the throats of everyone and not only a few are trying the good old trick: “I just have something in my eyes…”

“It is a very emotional scene”, Yates explains. “The guys took on a big task. They want to do everything right. My job is only to see to it that they feel comfortable and secure. If they are overacting or not in the right direction I can still give them a little help.” Grint praises the director for being able to bring out the best in him. “We are all under a lot of pressure. Because we all want that movie to be the best one of the series.”, he admits. “But David is super, especially with the big scenes. He is relaxed, takes you aside and calmly prepares you for everything.”

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Original article found TOTAL FILM magazine (GERMANY) | July, 2011| Translation by: Kathy & Melina

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Studio Ciné Live


Since 2001 he embodies Ron Weasley, the everlasting (ginger) companion of Harry Potter, with humour and cheerfulness. A great adventure which includes the return of the group’s biggest troublemaker.

Rupert Grint – The (finally) free electron

What did you feel when you were reading the last novel?
That might sound weird but I read it really late. In fact, I think I was one of the last ones to read it. Hard to know why as I have always been a fan of J.K. Rowling’s novels. But I had heard about characters passing away before the end and that made me nervous. Then I was afraid Ron would not make it. In The Deathly Hallows Ron is maybe one of the characters who mature the most.

How did you deal with these multiple changes?
In the first part of The Deathly Hallows Ron lives through a very difficult period. On one hand he wants to remain the loyal friend who has always been there for Harry and, for that reason, he has to decide to leave behind his family, what is a heavy burden to take on. On the other hand, he becomes a bit paranoid and sees Hermione and Harry get closer to each other. Obviously, it doesn’t please him at all. He also questions Harry’s capacity of defeating Voldemort. The atmosphere between both becomes quite electric.

What’s your favourite scene in The Deathly Hallows?
There are many very good scenes. I really liked the one where we all change and become Harry. It was quite scary to discover my face changing into Dan’s. I had to adopt his facial expressions and to walk like him.

Are you afraid of closing the chapter of Harry Potter?
Right before we finished the last film I was ambivalent. One part of me didn’t want it all to end. The series was such a big part of my life. It was my everyday life. Similarly, I also recognized that it has been a solid experience of cinema. It lasted ten years. Although, it might be good to regain a bit of liberty I have to admit that I miss my lodge. There was a billiard table and a ping-pong table. I often played with Daniel. I keep in contact with quite a lot people I got to know there, such as the Phelps-twins who play my brothers Fred and George. We often meet for playing golf.

You are the oldest of the trio. Have you got the intention to continue being an actor?
Yes. I abandoned my studies before my 16th birthday in order to concentrate on the profession of acting. Ever since, I took on the main role of Driving Lessons by Jeremy Brock, the history of a timid adolescent who tries to escape from his overprotective mother. His world changes as soon as he gets to know a pensioned actress, played by Julie Walters. I also played in Cherrybomb that portrays the week-end rock’n’roll of three British teenagers, and in Wild Target along with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.

What was the most important moment for you during this whole adventure?
I think above all it’s the fact that they engaged me for playing Ron. After that, all the journeys I could make thanks to the films and I definitely never could have made without them. And furthermore, I missed quite a few school lessons, I don’t regret that.

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Original article found Studio Ciné Live magazine (france) | July, 2011| Translation by: Melina

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Rupert Grint: I will miss Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is out in cinemas as of 13 July • At the Hogwarts-like Hotel Amrâth in Amsterdam, Metro talked to Rupert Grint (22), better known as Ron Weasley

Do you remember the first Harry Potter book?
Yes, the book was very popular at school. As soon as I had read it, I became a fan. I remember that I took part in a look-a-like contest of the local newspaper. And I even won!
Are you, as a character, a bit like Ron Weasley?
I have always felt a strong bond with him because we both, we have red hair, and we have a lot in common. I come, like Ron, from a bit family and I also am scared of spiders. I have been playing him for ten years and he became a part of me in the meantime. He turned me into this “Ronpert”.
This was the last film. Now you no longer have to play Ron…
That is a thought I still need to get used to. I know it had always been obvious. It gave me a bit of a sad feeling. On the other hand: It did last long enough by now.
How would you describe Deathly Hallows: Part 2?
It is a bit like a war film. The students have become soldiers and have to fight in order to protect the castle.
What is your favourite scene in the last film?
There is one scene that stands out. Dressed up, Harry, me and Hermione try to break into the wizard bank Gringotts. The vault we go into is cursed and everything you touch doublicates. That is a very exciting scene.
What are your ambitions?
I want to continue acting. I will miss Harry Potter, but it is refreshing to be able to play new characters.
Have you taken along any souvernirs from the Harry Potter set?
They gave me the Deluminator. With it, you can switch the light in a room off. But it doesn’t work in reality.

Source: / Translation by Karo

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SFX Magazine December 2010

SFX Magazine  2 December 2010

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Rupert Grint: BRAVO Interview 42/2010

Cool Confession: Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint:

“I’m still living at my parents’”

Madness! Rupert reveals his absolutely crazy secrets in this interview with BRAVO!

Finally! On 18 November, the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens in the theatres! Ron-impersonator Rupert Grint (22) tells us odd facts about the mega-movie and reveals that he remained completely normal despite the success…

BRAVO:This is the seventh time you’re playing Harry’s best friend. How has Ron Weasley changed?
Rupert:He is more earnest now. And he has doubts in Harry’s abilities, and eventually turns his back on him.

BRAVO: Do they make up again?
Rupert: Sure! In Part 2 one will see that they are still best mates 19 years on, and bringing the kids with their wives Hermione and Ginny to the platform at King’s Cross to send them to Hogwarts.

BRAVO: Ron is already 37 in that scene! Do you still play him yourself in that scene?
Rupert: Of course! But it was weird filming that scene. We had so much make-up on to appear old. I looked horrible with that giant forehead.

BRAVO: And – how did the scene turn out?
Rupert: Brilliant! But my favourite scene is the Battle of Hogwarts.

BRAVO: Is the school being destroyed in the fight?
Rupert: Not just the school, a huge part of the set was in ruins afterwards. (grins)

BRAVO: Wow. Is it true that filming took longer than planned because of you?
Rupert: Err, a little. I kept corpsing very often and couldn’t stop. That’s why we had several interruptions.

BRAVO: And you could not avoid the laughing fits?
Rupert: The crew tried. Each time I started corpsing, I got a yellow card and had to pay two Euro. Five for a red one. Altogether, it was 230 for a good cause.

BRAVO: The shoot has finished by now. Do you already miss Harry Potter?
Rupert: Totally! It’s the end of an era. I also miss my dressing room. There was a table tennis and a pool table. It was cool.

BRAVO: You don’t miss your colleagues?
Rupert: Yeah, sure! Harry Potter has been like my family for ten years. But we will stay in touch. The Phelps twins, who play my brothers Fred and George in the films, I often meet up with them to play golf.

BRAVO: Have you got plans for the future?
Rupert: Maybe I’ll become a hat designer. Or an ice cream man, or study arts. We’ll see…

BRAVO: Why an ice cream man?
Rupert: I’ve got an ice cream van. I’ve always wanted one.But I don’t drive it very often, cause everyone thinks I’m actually selling ice cream!

BRAVO: Do you own any other weird things?
Rupert: I have a unicycle, which I’ve had since I was small. I was really into circus at the time. It was quite tough to learn to ride it.

BRAVO: Do you live in England?
Rupert: Yes, I’m still living at my parents’ in Hertfortshire, just north of London – together with my siblings.

BRAVO: A star like you still living at home? Now that’s cool! Have you got any plans to move out any time soon?
Rupert: Sometime, yes, but I’m enjoying it at the moment. It’s much simpler than living alone. We get along really well, and I’m getting my laundry done. So that’s good!

BRAVO: And what does your girlfriend say about that?

Rupert: I’m single, so I’m still looking.

BRAVO: And what should your dream-girl be like?
Rupert: The look doesn’t matter. I like girls who are sharp and a bit crazy. Like me…