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Celeb-spotting alert as filming begins on Wild Target

IT’S time to get the celeb-spotting goggles on again as stars head to the Isle of Man to begin filming new British comedy Wild Target.

78Isle of Man regular Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean, Notes on a Scandal) will join Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Rupert Everett (St Trinian’s, My Best Friend’s Wedding) and Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) as cameras begin rolling next month.
Wild Target is a comedy about uptight Victor Maynard (Nighy), a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother Louisa (Eileen Atkins), despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency. His professional routine is interrupted when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose (Emily Blunt).

He spares her life, unexpectedly acquiring a young apprentice in the process, Tony (Rupert Grint). Believing Victor to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous attentions of his unhappy client (Rupert Everett).

Directed by Jonathan Lynn (The Whole Nine Yards, My Cousin Vinny), from a screenplay by Lucinda Coxon (The Heart of Me), Wild Target is based on Pierre Salvadori’s French hit Cible Émouvante.

The production, which began its London shoot on Tuesday, will arrive in the Isle of Man on October 7 for three weeks. Also in the starry cast will be Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Love Actually) and Gregor Fisher (Lassie, Rab C Nesbitt).

Produced by Martin Pope (The Cottage, The Heart of Me) and Michael Rose (Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Werewolf, Chicken Run) of Magic Light Pictures, the film is backed by CinemaNX and will be filming at various locations around the Island, including St John’s, Douglas and Ramsey.

Trade and Industry Minister David Cretney said: ‘Wild Target is a great script which Isle of Man Film has developed with Magic Light Productions over recent years.

‘We are absolutely delighted that the quality material has attracted such a fantastic cast and director and we look forward to welcoming all the cast and crew members to our shores for what we hope will be a happy and successful shoot.’

Wild Target will be the fourth film to shoot in the Island this year, joining A Bunch of Amateurs, Me and Orson Welles and Heartless.

Original article found here at iomtoday I September 17, 2008

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Potter Star on Target in Assassin Role

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is to star in a new British comedy as a trainee assassin.


Wild Target, which began filming in London this week, stars Bill Nighy as an uptight hitman who falls in love with one of his victims – played by Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt – and spares her life.

In the process he picks up a young apprentice, played by Rupert, who rose to fame as Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley in the wizard adventure films.

The new comedy – which is also to be shot on location on the Isle of Man – is being directed by Jonathan Lynn, director of The Whole Nine Yards.

Bill stars as Victor Maynard, a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother Louisa – played by Gosford Park star Eileen Atkins – despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency.

When he falls for Rose (Emily Blunt) he befriends both her and Tony (Rupert Grint) who think he is just a private detective.

Meanwhile, Victor must escape the murderous wrath of his unhappy client, played by Rupert Everett.

Original article found here at This Is Bristol I September 17, 2008

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Bill Nighy Is A Wild Target Playing A Hitman On The Run In Brit-Com

Written by Chris Hewitt


Frankly, Empire would pay to see the great Bill Nighy in anything, be it a hard-hitting drama about a guy watching paint dry, or a twisting thriller about a guy watching grass grow, or – perhaps most challenging of all – a fly-on-the-wall docudrama about an Empire journalist writing news stories about how Empire would pay to see the great Bill Nighy in anything.

For, with his idiosyncratic line readings and perpetual air of bemusement, as if he’s in a joke that nobody else could possibly understand, Nighy brings a freshness and unspeakably cool edge to anything he deigns to be in. He is, frankly, the British Chris Walken.

But we’re especially stoked by the premise of Nighy’s latest flick, Wild Target, which started shooting today. For, in a premise that can only be described as Ronnie Corbett’s Sorry meets Leon, Nighy plays an ace hitman who lives under the thumb of his battleaxe mother. We are so there.

But wait – there’s more. Nighy’s renowned hitman, Victor Maynard, finds himself reluctantly saddled with two sidekicks – Emily Blunt, as a target he didn’t have the heart to kill, and Rupert Grint as a young man who chooses Victor as his mentor, in the mistaken belief that he’s a private detective.

And, as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, there’s the small matter of his domineering mother (Eileen Atkins)… oh, and Rupert Everett is also running around as the client who wanted Blunt dead, and now wants to kill Victor as punishment for letting her live.

As pointed out in the comments section below, this is based on the French comedy, Cible Emouvante (which we’re told translates as… Wild Target!), which starred the great Jean Rochefort in what will be the Nighy role, so it has a fine pedigree. Certainly, the cast of this new version is impressive enough – and we haven’t even mentioned the likes of Martin Freeman and Gregor Fisher, who are also on board.

And the director, Jonathan Lynn, has an impressive track record with comedy, from the TV sitcom classics, Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, while his film credits include the underrated Clue, My Cousin Vinny and a film that could, if you were generous, hail as something of a British cracker: Nuns On The Run.

Of course, he’s also directed Sgt. Bilko and The Whole Nine Yards, but let’s not hold that against him. His last film as a director was The Fighting Temptations, almost six years ago, so let’s hope that he can shake off some ring rustiness and make Wild Target live up to its name. And by that, of course, we mean the first part of its name. Besides, with Nighy on board, how can it possibly go wrong?

Filming started today on the movie, and will continue for the next six weeks in London and the Isle Of Man.

Original article found here at Empire I September 16, 2008

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Rupert Grint to star along side Bill Nighy in new Hitman Film

Rupert is set to star alongside BAFTA award-winning actor Bill Nighy and Helena Bonham Carter as a young apprentice hitman in the Jonathan Lynn directed movie, Wild Target. He plays Antoine, a young apprentice for expert hitman Bill Nighy.

Rupert Grint is keeping himself busy as he is set again to star in another movie after completing, Cherrybomb (2009). Jonathan Lynn will be shooting his new movie ‘The Wild Target’ in London and the Isle of Man on September 16th, 2008. The screenplay is written by playwright Lucinda Coxon, based on the 1993 French film ‘Cible Emouvante’

Brief synopsis of the film:

This dark comedy has a middle-aged hitman Victor Meynard (played by Bill Nighy) go on his last hit job before he retires. He ends up running into a delivery boy, Antoine (Rupert Grint). Unable to kill the adolescent, Meynard adopts him as his apprentice, in spite of Antoine’s evident lack of enthusiasm for his new career. They are hired by a Corsican gangster to kill a con artist Renée Dandrieux (Helena Bonham Carter). Again, Meynard’s luck is against him, and when he fails to kill Renée, with Antoine’s help, the Corsican gangster sends another hitman to kill all three of them.’

Rupert’s agency, Hamilton Hodell, who also represent House M.D star Hugh Laurie and Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, have updated their official site with this new movie project as a part of Rupert’s resume.

“Wild Target” has a tentative release date for March 2009, along with Rupert’s other new indie film Cherrybomb which is released early next year and is currently in post-production. With Half-Blood Prince coming out in July 2009, there is obviously more time to work on other projects before Deathly Hallows, the final Harry Potter film, begins filming in February 2009.

Written by Jen Joli

Original article found here at PR-inside I September 4, 2008

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