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Rupert Grint discusses Half-Blood Prince

Ron Weasley actor Grint talks about the upcoming ‘Potter’ flick

How would you say that Ron has evolved over the course of these films? And how would you say you yourself have you changed as an actor?
GRINT: It just sort of happens. The first three films really do feel like a different person. I think Ron is more grown up throughout the films. The next one we see him grow up a lot more because the wizard world is becoming quite a scary place. And we see him protect his sister, and we see brotherly stuff that he does in the sixth one.

When everything started the book was this cute story with these cute kids, and obviously the maturity level has changed. What, for you, have been the biggest developments over the course of the books?
GRINT: I suppose it was the last film when Dumbledore’s army starts to form and we have to stand up to Voldemort. That’s when things turned a bit nasty. This sixth one is quite intense and they definitely get darker.

Ron receives quite a bit of attention from girls in this film. I know you’ve mentioned in the past that shooting some of the more romantic scenes can get a bit uncomfortable. What’s it like to watch those on the big screen?
GRINT: It’s worse actually. This one was actually okay because my relationship with Jessie [Cave, who plays Ron’s love interest] was quite fun and she was really over the top and quite intense. But it was an awkward scene to do because we’d only met each other two days before. One of the first scenes we did was the kissing one.

In the future when you look back on the making of this film, what are some funny or strange moments that you’ll remember about the making of it?
GRINT: Getting my bum cast. They were making a chair for the broomstick to make it more comfortable and have my shape. I was wearing these skinny trousers and I had to sit on this chair and they managed the exact shape of my bum. They turned it into a really comfortable chair.

Also The Weasley house when we burned that down. That was an exciting part. We were standing quite close to it, a burning building, and it was quite scary and I think it got a bit out of control. That was a lot of fun.

How does it feel being so close to the end of Harry Potter, a thing that’s been such a part of your life for so long?
GRINT: It’s going to be weird, I think. It hasn’t sunk in yet that this is the last one and that we’ll never come back to do this. It’ll be ten years by the time we finish. It’s going to be quite sad I think. I’ll miss it because I have really enjoyed it and the people I’ve met and it’s just been great. But I think seven’s enough, really.

After the film’s finished, what are you plans for the future?
GRINT: I guess I’ll pursue doing films for camera because I do really enjoy doing them, and I want to do something different. I did a couple of things after doing six and it was really fun doing a different character and seeing how other films are made.

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Amidst all the feverish talk of elderly adventurers, alien robots and flamboyantly gay Austrians, it’s easy to forget that there’s one very powerful teenage wizard waiting in the wings, ready to stake his claim upon the summer box-office crown. Warner Bros. delivered a powerful reminder this week, releasing a new poster and two new clips for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the eagerly-anticipated sixth chapter of J.K. Rowling’s beloved franchise.

The first clip, a full-length scene dubbed “I’m in love with her,” involves a somewhat loopy Ron Weasley professing his love for Romilda Vane to a decidedly befuddled Harry. (That Rupert Grint has really filled out, hasn’t he? Kid looks like a linebacker – or at least a very fit placekicker.) The second clip is a featurette of new footage mixed with behind-the-scenes interviews. The new poster, meanwhile, boasts the ominous (if not entirely subtle) tagline “Dark Secrets Revealed.”

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Rupert Grint Interview With Univision

ny_press_con2 copy 3

Rupert Grint may not be the typical hot movie star but in the new Harry Potter film , his character Ron Weasley will have to split his heart between two girls, spreading kisses and hugs and also struggling with a jealousy game. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is not just a romantic comedy, it’s mentioned to be the darkest of the saga. In an exclusive interview with, Grint talked about his new stage of being a wizard stud and the surprises of the new film, among some of them, the unexpected death of one of the Hogwarts’ stars.

So you had swine flu….
Yeah, last week but I’m better now. Thanks.

Do you speak spanish?

Not really, just a bit of German because of school but they didn’t teach Spanish.

You don’t talk spanish but still you worked with a Mexican director, Alfonso Cuarón.
Yeah It was a good experience, a little bit intimidating because it was the first time that we changed of director so we were a bit scared. But he was really great he has a crazy energy that motivated us.

Would you like to work with him again?
Yeah definitely, he is a great guy.

He was in charge of the transformation of your characters, meaning from kids to teens….
Yeah and I think all of the directors bring something interesting to the story.

Which one is your favorite Harry Potter movie?
I don’t know really, they all have something special. This last one I enjoyed it a lot, it has a different taste, it’s really cool.

The Harry Potter fans already read the books and know the ending. But do you think the rest of the audience its ready for all the tragedies ahead?
Yeah this is one of the darkest movies and we will lose a very important character but he kind of prepares the way for the big battle and a lot of stuff happened cuz Voldemort comes back to claim his power.

So will you say that Harry Potter movies are not for kids anymore and they are more focused to an adult audience?
Yes, at least for our characters it’s a scarier world. This is probably the scariest movie of all.

And you still have two more movies.
Yeah cuz the final book has been split in two parts.

So that means that you won’t stop working. You are already filming it.
Yeah, we’ve been filming for about four or five weeks and nonstop but I enjoy it.

You are 20 years old, you’ve grown up with Potter…

Yeah (laughs), when I started I had 10. It’s been a while and I’ve loved it.

So practically most of your career has been focused on Potter except for two or three projects.
Yeah, definitely. Ten years as Ron Weasley.

How do you see yourself after Harry Potter?
I don’t know really. It’s weird to think that it will be over because it has been a big part of my life. The last week of this movie (HBP) was weird because of that. I’m really gonna miss it but it will be time for me to move on and make more and different movies.

Would you like to continue working on British films or maybe in Hollywood?
I don’t know, it depends where does work takes me. I’m open to all possibilities. We’ll have to wait and see.

What’s the story between Ron and Hermione?
Well, there’s this strong thing with all this relationships in Hogwarts and my character’s case, Ron, he gets a girlfriend and that makes Hermione very jealous. It’s fun!

I hope you are not preparing to become an unfaithful husband…
No (laughs), Ron is a good guy and their relationship (Ron-Hermione) is taking another way in the movie that we are filming, the seventh one. So we will see more of them in the future.

At the same time, Ron’s sister fancies Harry, his best friend. How does he feels with that situation?
Well Ginny has a boyfriend and he wants to protect her, his little sister. I identify myself with him because I also have sisters.

I would like to know what you do in your free time.But do you actually have free time?
Yeah, we have the weekends.

In the movie you have a girlfriend… or two… but what about in real life?
No, life is less complicated this way, I don’t have a girlfriend, there’s no time. (laughs)

You have read all the books, you know the story. Do you have a favorite?
I’m not sure, I like the third one…. And the last one too because it has a great battle, it’s a good one.

Do you think this story ending is definitive or J.K. Rowling will write more?
Is the last one but who knows. Seven is a good number to finish it and it has been a long journey but we’ll see.

When you read the books, before the movies, Do you consider you were part of this “reading revolution” of children around the world?
Yeah, sure and I became a big fan of the books, I loved them. And Ron always was my favorite character.

Does that help you to read other kind of books?

Yeah. It helped me and a lot of kids.


Original article Univison / Translation by Val

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