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Ron Weasley sometimes is, to say it in a diplomatic way, unpretentious. “You have the emotional range of a teaspoon”, Hermione tells him in the Order of the Phoenix and she isn’t wrong with that.
Rupert Grint isn’t that unpretentious at all, it rather was his red hair which matched perfectly with his film role. Rupert was eleven years old, when he was casted for the role and on his casting tape he impressed the film makers with a cool rap song: “I am Ron, I am Ron!”
Today Rupert is totally relaxed with everything. “Ron will be a part of me forever”, he believes, “but when I watch the old movies, it doesn’t feel like this is me on the screen.” As much as he enjoyed the time with Harry, he misses the simple things of being a teenager: doing nonsense with the classmates, birthday invitations or slumber parties.
Visiting university like Emma has never been interesting for him. He concentrated full time on acting. He played in the teenage drama “Cherrybomb”, in which he took cocaine and thought about sex all the time. In the action-comedy “Wild Target” he plays the trainee of a hatchet man alongside Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt and soon we will see him as a shot down pilot in a Norwegian World War movie. With his fortune, estimated at 23 millions, he buys special vehicles: He owns an ice cream van and a very old VW-bus. He plays golf or goes out with his friends.
At the farewell party of the Harry Potter team Emma Watson was the first to cry and also Daniel and Rupert couldn’t avoid the tears very long. How will their friendship go on? They call each other and write SMS. They’ll stay in contact. Rupert: “We will always be in contact and be friends. We grew up together.”

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Original article found in YUNO magazine (GERMANY) | July, 2011| Translation by: Kathy & Melina

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12 Things They Cut From Harry Potter

Ron’s Quidditch Exploits

Should Have Been In: Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

Quidditch was a casualty in Order Of The Phoenix. An entire comedy subplot about Ron becoming the unlikely Keeper in the Gryffindor Quidditch team was completely excised, to the disappointment of Rupert Grint, who’d been looking forward to some broom action.

This meant we were also sadly robbed of the Slytherins’ dubious terrace chant: “Weasley cannot save a thing, He can’t block a single ring.”

Original article found here: TotalFilm | June 20, 2009

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