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Rupert Grint — Тhe Меrry Ice Cream Man

translated by Ivana

Тhe redheads have a well-known advantage — they are easily noticeable. Аnd this 20-year old Englishman is the most recognisable redhead of them all.

First of all, he portrays Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s faithful friend. And second, Rupert Grint is obviously a serious actor, who has a rather cool attitude towards his “teen-idol” status. The ELLE GIRL correspondent Victoria Belopolskaya met Rupert at the Berlin Film Festival, where he promoted his latest and quite non-“Potter-esque” film Cherrybomb.

Elle Girl: Listen, I was looking, what happened here in Berlin on occasion of your arrival was… Thunder and storm! When you arrived for the premiere of Cherrybomb the girls were screaming — and some of them have told me that they are your fans from America, and that they travelled to Germany just to see you… How do you relate to all this?

Rupert: I have to say that I find all this hustle and bustle quite weird. Of course, by now, I’m already used to it. I suspect that this has nothing to do with me personally, but with Ron Weasley. I had a chance to verify this: when the first “Potter” film was released, neither my brother nor my sisters (and I have three of them!) changed the way they treated me — I didn’t get any benefits. But even they admire Ron — because he is a devoted friend, and willing to overcome his fears, and he is also very funny. And then, I was also “grounded” at school. Right after “Prisoner of Azkaban”, I was pretty much lagging behind with my school work. But none of the teachers was eager to sympathise with my position. I was even released from work for a while in order to catch up with my classmates.

Elle Girl: It has turned out that you grew up together with your character Ron. How did he and the entire Potter-phenomenon influence you as you are today?

Rupert: My father jokes: our Rupe has all those widescreen albums of childhood photos! And he’s right: those films are like some sort of albums, which have preserved the biggest part of my childhood. That was a great time! Although we did have some limitations. The producers have prevented us from changing hairdos, and we couldn’t even think of doing piercing and tattoos… Nowadays I find it really funny and quite weird to watch our first film – we have all grown up and changed a lot. And not only on the outside.

Elle Girl: And your roles have changed! Take for example Driving Lessons and Cherrybomb. In the first film – you kiss a girl, in the second one – you have a naked scene. Was it difficult to play such scenes after “Potter”?

Rupert: Definitely. Not only after “Potter” – they’re objectively difficult. In Driving Lessons I play an oppressed boy who is trying to break free from his mother’s control. His first kiss was very important – as one of his first acts of independence. For me this scene was difficult not only because of its importance for the character, but also because of the intimacy issues. We were surrounded by the entire film crew! Not exactly a romantic atmosphere… and you’re supposed to pretend it’s real! Driving Lessons – it’s not a blockbuster, it’s not a grandiose project, there are no super-special effects, only the protagonists, the reality. Real life human beings. The second time around, it was much easier. Cherrybomb is a thriller about two friends who get into serious trouble because of the girl they fall in love with. This genre is easier to do for the actors. But I could never do what Dan Radcliffe has done in the theatre play Equus, I’d never have the guts to do it. Dan acts completely naked for 10 minutes. In the theatre, on stage! To me, that’s incredibly brave!

Elle Girl: Speaking of which, in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which is to be released in 2010, you have a scene where you have to kiss Hermione…

Rupert: Total horror! Me and Emma (Emma Watson, who plays the role of Hermione) have grown up together, we have known each other for a hundred years… I am really terrified of that scene. I’m going to bring a pile of crosswords to the set, so that Emma and I can do them between the takes.

Elle Girl: A couple of years ago we learned that you had bought an ice cream van. Why did you do that?

Rupert: I have been interested in the ice cream industry! The cinema comes and goes, and the ice cream is eternal… The eternal ice cream! Quite a good slogan for life, isn’t it? So this is my general plan: if I don’t make it in the cinema, this is going to be my business enterprise.

Elle Girl: But seriously, if you didn’t become an actor, what would you do?

Rupert: I would draw. I can draw pretty good cartoons. So I would probably become a cartoonist or an animator.

Elle Girl: We’d say that you are not only eager to show up on screen – you’ve also done a radio play…

Rupert: Yes, I’ve done a reading role – in the BBC Radio series Baggy Trousers – that’s one of the best things I’ve done in the meantime. On the radio, people cannot see your face, or body, or expressions, or gestures. All these must be substituted by your voice – it’s the only thing that enables the listeners to imagine the protagonist. Тhat’s why I find radio plays so interesting. It is more interesting to create a character having only one tool at your disposal. I have also voiced Peter Pan for a documentary film. And my sister has said that it was the most realistic Peter Pan of all known to her. That’s the best compliment I have ever received!

Elle Girl: What else do you like, apart from acting and drawing?

Rupert: Guitar. Golf. And pizza. I couldn’t survive without it. And аlso my unicycle, that is one-wheel bicycle. It’s very cool. It’s just for the redheads. Especially for those of us who aspire to become clowns. But seriously – it is really extreme, it helps develop your sense of balance.

Elle Girl: And girls?

Rupert: Right here it on the unicycle! To train the balance. Stranger things have happened. For example, I have three sisters, and all of them like to wear leggings. I find them the most ridiculous clothes on Earth. So when all of them dress up in bright green, yellow and fuchsia, it makes you contemplate on the strangeness of girls!

Elle Girl: Your worst trait?

Rupert: Laughing for no reason. And in all the inappropriate places. I can’t resist doing it on the set of “Potter”. Giggling and all. I can’t stop myself, not even during the most dramatic scenes.

Еlle Girl: Do you have strange dreams?

Rupert: I don’t remember my dreams. I sleep like the dead. But recently I had a nightmare. In it, one of my sisters has turned into a spoon, because she has fallen so terribly ill. We were driving her – in the dream – to a hospital… You know, I was really frightened. Though, from a merrier point of view, all this looks absurd and ridiculous… Depends on how you look at it. I suppose, even in the worst of things that happen to us, one can always find something funny.

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