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Rupert Grint WINS at Singing!

Ron Weasley has the Voice of an ANGEL:

He might have lip synced in the Ed Sheeran video, but knew that Rupert Grint could take the flame haired singer at his own game?

The Harry Potter actor whipped out his hidden vocal talent for Postman Pat: The Movie, and when he opened his mouth a dazzling amalgamation of Justin Timberlake and One Direction jumped out. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit (Ron Weasley forever!), but he is pretty damned good.

Cop and ear-load for yourself below and see what I mean!

As if hearing him get his Backstreet Boys circa 1999 out wasn’t enough, there is also a cute radio interview of him being refreshingly modest about his singing skills.

Have a listen to his adorable British reserve below;

Bless his cotton socks!

Oh, and for those of you out there who are confused about why there is a movie about a postman in desperate need of a nose job, let me explain!

Postman Pat is a much loved British stop-motion animation about a some dude delivering parcels in a rural village. Sometimes he is confronted with moments of mild peril like losing a grumpy woman’s umbrella (Shock, horror!), and that’s about all that happens. Kids like some weird stuff.

Original article found | MAY, 26th 2014

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Rupert Grint does some actual singing in very catchy song ‘Lightning’ from ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ – listen

And it literally couldn’t sound any less like him

While there wasn’t much of a chance for Rupert Grint to break out into song in the Harry Potter movies (we guess he was too busy being HILARIOUS), it seems now Rupert has broken into the music industry – with a song off of the Postman Pat film.

Yep, we understand that this is quite weird news, but R-Grints has gone and recorded a track for the Postman Pat: The Move, um, movie and it’s a well catchy pop song called Lightning.

Premiere of 'Postman Pat' - Arrivals

Even though we’ve never really heard Rupert singing before, we think it’s safe to say that his singing voice sound NOTHING like his speaking voice. It’s very confusing, he literally sounds like the fifth member of Union J.

Considering Rupert stars in the Postman Pat film as Josh, it’s not too much of a confusing jump (but it is still quite odd) – however he’s in pretty good company as people like Jessie J and Ronan Keating have also sang on the soundtrack. Woo.

Since the track is full on poptastic, it’s no surprise that it’s the catchiest thing EVER – so bear that in mind before you press play. But you should, but you need to hear Rupert’s voice.

WELL, we certainly feeling a few emotions right about now.

But what do you make of all this? Should Rupert have made his first singing effort on a film soundtrack? Are you loving his voice? Is the song stuck in your head? Comments below please…

Original article found | MAY, 23th 2014

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Rupert Grint Has A Magical Voice On The New Song “Lightning”

Rupert Grint

The Harry Potter and “Lego House” music video star is featured on the song “Lightning.” The track is off the soundtrack for the British animated film, Postman Pat: The Movie (he voices the Josh, the main character’s rival, in the film).

We’re joking, but not really. One song does not make an artist, but we have to admit we’re quite impressed with Rupert’s voice. It’s actually quite good, and he sounds like a shoe-in for any boy band. “Lightning” itself is a catchy pop tune and sounds a bit like an Ed Sheeran song.

We think this is the perfect opportunity for Rupert and Ed to make a sequel to Ed’s “Lego House” music video. Maybe they can do a duet? Someone say yes. Please say yes.

Original article found | MAY, 23th 2014

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Rupert Grint: Postman Pat is bigger than Harry Potter


Rupert Grint says the main character from his latest film, Postman Pat, is a bigger icon than Harry Potter.

It is the first time the postman has appeared in a feature-length film, which is released on Friday.

“I’d say Pat, yeah Postman Pat,” he told Newsbeat. “Harry’s more international but I think he [Pat] is a bit more distinctive.”

The plot revolves around Pat entering an X Factor-style competition and surprising everyone with his ability.


The main character is played by Stephen Mangan, who is quite a different sort of Pat. For one he’s lost his Yorkshire accent.

Grint plays one of the other contestants called Josh and unlike Mangan, whose singing parts are performed by Ronan Keating, Grint sings himself.

He sounds a little like Ed Sheeran and it’s an impressive performance, one he says he was surprised by himself.

“I’m not convinced it’s me,” he laughs.

“It is quite an easy, catchy song but I just did it because I thought it would be quite fun but they have obviously done some kind of auto-tuning.”

He admits it was strange seeing the cartoon version of himself but says he can see a likeness.

“There’s kind of a resemblance, a kind of round head,” he grins.

He explained that approaching an animated film is different to some of his previous roles.

“It’s quite hard to realistically interact with an actor that isn’t there, especially if they haven’t done their bit yet,” he admits.

I am not consciously trying to really distance myself from it [Harry Potter]

Rupert Grint

“You’re kind of hearing someone’s voice and it’s strange but I quite like that challenge.”

He could be forgiven for being annoyed about consistently being asked about Harry Potter.

But he admits he “owes a lot” to the franchise and that he would not be in the Postman Pat movie if he hadn’t been part of it.

“I am not consciously trying to really distance myself from it [Harry Potter],” he says.

“The younger generation is starting to get in to it as are kids that weren’t even born when the first film came out, it’s amazing.”

Original article found | MAY, 22th 2014

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Rupert Grint still finds fame crazy


Rupert Grint finds it “great” to have such a dedicated fan base.
The 25-year-old actor soared to fame after starring in the Harry Potter films as humorous wizard Ron Weasley.

Although he has been in the limelight since he was just 11 years old, Rupert still hasn’t come to terms with his fame.

It’s so crazy, I’ve never got used to that. I mean, I recognise a few of the faces [of fans]. It’s weird how you kind of become familiar with them but yeah, it’s great!” he mused to BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw. “[What they say to me] varies, it depends what kind of age group they’re from.

Despite being an international star Rupert has managed to remain grounded. While he does sometimes find himself lost for words in front of certain celebrities, it isn’t the cliché A-listers who have an impact on him. British TV personality Alan Titchmarsh is one of them, who hosted gardening programme Ground Force from 1997 to 2005.

I don’t know, I mean I get starstruck, but it’s always the most random people… Alan Titchmarsh. It was a while ago, I think it was 2007. I remember it very well and I’m not particularly [a fan of] gardening… I’m familiar with his work but I’m not obsessed,” Rupert laughed. “It just really affected me. I couldn’t really talk if I’m honest… There’s something about him. I’ve met other people before and been quite laid back about it. It was the Queen’s 80th birthday and it was in her back garden, there was a BBQ and he gave me a postcard with his signature on it.

Rupert made headlines a few years ago when he bought an ice cream van. He still has the contraption but admits it’s difficult to take it out without being swarmed by the public after a sweet treat.

It was actually the first car I ever bought, yeah. [I drove it] for a while but I don’t anymore, I haven’t taken it out for a while. It’s just in the garage,” he added. “The trouble is I used to drive it and people used to queue up expecting ice cream. I can’t park anywhere. Yeah I did [have stock]! I did for a while, it’s got the machine. No [I didn’t charge], all free.

Original article found | MAY, 2nd 2014

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Rupert Grint answers fans’ questions at the Teen Awards

We know that Rupert Grint is an omg! fave so when we heard we’d be meeting the chap, we decide to hand over the interviewing reigns to our Twitter followers. We had a matter of minutes with the Harry Potter star at the Radio One Teen Awards so he had time to answer just a handful…and here are the full answers.

Are you working on any new movies or projects? @KaylaDz
Yeah. I’m doing the Postman Pat movie. It should be fun. It’s kind of a musical story so different to stuff I’ve done so far.

Have you ever thought about getting a Twitter account to communicate with your fans? @supportsHP
Yeah I have thought about it. I think it’s a good way to communicate with fans. There have been a lot of fake ones of me. They post really embarrassing things like ‘I’ve just taken a massive dump.’ So I should probably do it.

Is it scary to move on from Harry Potter, a project you’ve worked on for over 10 years? @ deeyagurung
It is quite daunting because we’ve all been in a bubble — it’s been the same crew and cast the whole time. It feels like an incredibly big step because I grew up on those sets so to be going out in the real world is quite scary. I’ve done a few films in between Harry Potter and the first day on set of those was always quite nerve-wracking, to try and find that same family feeling as Harry Potter. It’s exciting though.

What’s the funniest/scariest/weirdest fan experience you’ve ever had? @KatherineGV
It depends where you are. American fans are quite crazy. We had a premiere in New York and after we were finished we drove off in the car. This guy in a wheel chair grabbed on to the back of the bumper. We were trailing him along for about a mile! I’m not sure if he was a fan or just wanted a lift.

Original article found here: | October 10, 2011

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Rupert Grint Celebrates His Birthday In Vegas

Before filming Postman Pat movie…

Rupert Grint had a massive grin on his face as he arrived at his birthday party at Chateau nightclub inside Paris Casino & Resort in Las Vegas last night.

The club hosted a huge bash for the birthday boy, complete with Harry Potter themed decorations.

The Harry Potter star actually turned 23 on August 24, so he’s stretching out his birthday season with this party nearly a whole month later. Nice work!

Rupert is moving on from the major film franchise to something a little more lightweight: the Postman Pat animated 3D movie!

He’ll be reunited with fellow Potter actors David Tennant and Jim Broadbent plus Stephen Mangan for the kids’ film, where they’ll all voice the main characters.

Can’t wait!

Original article found here: | September 18, 2011

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