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Grint had to anonymously return prop to ‘Harry Potter’ set

Rupert Grint had to anonymously return a prop he stole from the ‘Harry Potter’ set.

The ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ actor – who shot to fame aged 11 playing Ron Weasley in the movie series – hasn’t got many souvenirs from starring in the franchise because Warner Bros. are so “strict” and his one attempt at taking something he liked caused widespread panic.

He said: “Do you know, I don’t actually have many souvenirs from the past 11 years. They’re really strict about stuff like that.

“I remember in the first film there was this amazing big golden dragon egg that opened up and there was crystal inside.

“One afternoon I just put it in a pillowcase and smuggled it home.

“But a few days after, Warner Bros. started this massive hunt to find out who took the dragon egg, so I had to anonymously hand it in and hope no one would guess that it was me.”

However, when filming ended on the final movie in the series, Rupert was pleased to be given some souvenirs from the set.

He added: “They gave me the Deluminator and I took home the number ‘4’ from the Durlseys’ door too.”

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‘Harry Potter’: Ron Weasley ‘falls in love’ in final film

THE LAST SPELL: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2” closes out a decade of Hogwarts in Hollywood. Hero Complex is counting down to the July 15 release of the final film in the magical franchise with exclusive interviews and photos. Today: Hero Complex contributor Amy Kaufman chats with Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley.

AK: It’s been almost a year since you wrapped the film, right?

RG: It’s almost exactly a year. Yeah, it’s a bit weird. It’s taken me a while to realize it. This film is coming out and the DVD and everything, and when it gradually fades away, then it will kind of hit home that it’s all over.

AK: So what have you been doing for the last year?

RG: Immediately after we finished, I took a few weeks off. It was really a quite exhausting process, because we filmed both films simultaneously. Then I said, “What do I do now?” Then I started another film a couple of months ago, and just finished it. Yeah, so it’s been quite a weird mixture of emotions.

AK: Is the final film a lot darker than previous installments?

RG: It is. It’s quite confusing, because we shot both parts at the same time. One day we’d be doing a scene from “Part 1,” and the next day we’d be doing “Part 2.” It was kind of a straight-out battle. It’s kind of like a war film, because you become these desperate soldiers, and characters are dying, and the castle is collapsing into piles of rubble. My character falls in love, and that’s confirmed in this one. I think it will shock some people with how brutal everything is, with dead students scattered about. It’s quite dark.

AK: You’ve been playing this character for so long. Do you still do anything to prepare?

RG: I’ve been playing the character for so long, 10 years now, that it really does kind of come much more naturally when you have to get back into it. It’s not a lot of time in between. Over the years, we’ve kind of become similar characters really, me and him. It was just a natural thing where it merged. I always felt quite a strong connection to him when I was reading the books. He used to say “wicked” all the time, and that’s my word.

AK: You worked closely with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Was it difficult for Emma to juggle her college work from Brown University and her duties on set?

RG: I imagine it was quite hard. She wasn’t here a lot, really. We had to shoot around her, really, because she had commitments for her university. She had a lot of doubles. They made a mask of Emma’s face, a prosthetic for wide shots. She was there for big days and really important scenes and stuff. But I don’t know how she did it, really. It’d be so weird to be in that school environment and then be on set. I couldn’t do it.

AK: If J.K. Rowling wrote another book, where would it go?

RG: I don’t know. It’d be weird, definitely. I can’t see where it would go, really, with the characters. We ended in “Part 2″ when we were 36.

AK: What was it like seeing yourself in your late 30s?

RG: It was really quite terrifying, sitting in the makeup chair and gradually watching your face kind of deteriorate. Initially, we had to reshoot the end. I had a massive fat suit. We had to learn how to move like an older person. We had kids as well. I had this weird Donald Trump kind of hairstyle.

AK: Has saying goodbye to this franchise been as difficult as everyone’s saying it is?

RG: I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, really. I knew it was going to be quite potentially emotional because I was cleaning out my room, which I’d been in for like 10 years. It was my second home, really, and I boxed up toys I’d bought. I wasn’t used to seeing the cast that upset when they said “cut.” It was quite a surreal moment.

AK: Do you think you’ll remain lifelong friends with Emma and Daniel?

RG: I think we’ll stay in touch. We’ve shared this quite unique experience together, and yeah, it’s quite an intense thing when you’re filming, ’cause you’re with each other every day all year.

AK: Have you felt pressure about choosing your post-”Potter” roles?

RG: Not so much really. This last movie just came up, and I was quite game to do something different. It’s just a new challenge. It all kind of made sense. … It’s called “Comrade,” and it’s about a true story set in World War II about two English pilots and three German pilots. They both shoot each other down in the middle of Norway, and they find each other in this old cabin thing, and it’s how our relationship with each other changes. We go into survival mode and put the war aside and we become friends, so it’s quite cool. … It was very different — extremely different. We filmed it in Norway on top of a mountain in crazy weather. It was minus-25 with snow everywhere. It was quite extreme. It was a very different filming experience. … It was a true story. These were real people. World War II always felt like quite an interesting part of history.

AK: It sounds heavy, a departure from your more comedic work.

RG: I’m pretty much kind of up for anything really — anything that’s kind of a bit of an interesting character always appeals to me.

– Amy Kaufman

Original article found here: | July 8th, 2011

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I celebrated end of Potter filming by buying £60 Vauxhall Carlton

Says Rupert Grint ( Who’s worth £24m )

WITH around £24million in the bank, Rupert Grint is one of Britain’s richest young men.

But the 22-year-old Harry Potter star doesn’t splash his galleons about like Premier League players his age.

The actor, who has enchanted audiences as wizard Ron Weasley for more than a decade, astonishingly confessed to The Sun that he still lives at home with mum and dad – even though he has his own pad in London for occasional stays.

There aren’t even any fancy cars for the homely Hertfordshire lad.

When filming wrapped on the final JK Rowling movie, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, he treated himself to a £60 Vauxhall Carlton and headed off around Europe with mates in a “Wacky Rally”.

He said: “We did about nine countries, all the way to Barcelona. I went with James and Oliver Phelps, who play the twins, and we brought a mechanic along as well. It was a really good adventure. I do love cars but nothing too flash.”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun ahead of the final Potter film’s release on Friday, Rupert gave us a window into his unassuming life, where he is still close to sisters Georgina, 18, Samantha, 15 and Charlotte, 12, brother James, 21, and parents Nigel and Joanne.

Although he rarely splurges on himself, he says he can splash the cash on his family – sometimes on bizarre presents.

He said: “I have kind of got a miniature zoo. We have miniature pigs, donkeys, miniature hedgehogs. They are just smaller than the average hedgehog.

“I have quite a big family, I’m one of five and I have sisters who love animals.”

He has met the Queen and the family of President Obama so I ask Rupert which celebrity he has been most thrilled to meet.

The reply floors me.

“Alan Titchmarsh. Shakin’ Stevens came on to the set too. I only get star struck with really random people like Alan Titchmarsh and EastEnders actors,” he says.

“I met Alan at the Queen’s 80th when she had this big party in the Palace.

“I bumped into him. It’s not like I really watch Ground Force or anything like that.”

Never mind that the Queen and Prince Philip had been sitting right behind him or that Michelle Obama had visited the set with her daughters as a birthday surprise for one of them.

But if meeting heads of state doesn’t excite Rupert, surely there must have been magic in the air when he finally got to kiss co-star Emma Watson in the new film?

Ron Weasley and Emma’s character Hermione Granger finally spell out their feelings for each other in the series’ gripping finale by locking lips.

But Rupert says: “Neither of us were looking forward to it. It was a tricky one. That scene has been an anticipated moment, the relationship has built up from the early films.

“There was a pressure to get it right. I knew Emma when she was nine and we have closely watched each other grow up.

“So kissing this girl just seemed a strange thing to be doing, not right.”

Down-to-earth Rupert seems immune to the weaknesses of many young stars.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, recently had to give up booze because his drinking had got out of control.

Rupert insists that he felt no such need to release the pressure with alcohol.

He said: “No, no, no, there has always been this anticipation for us to fall into that stereotype and it has never really been an issue for me.

“It’s because we film in Watford, which isn’t the most glamorous of spots. If we had filmed in America or something it could have been disastrous. I never felt any pressure. It was just fun really.” The constant and intense attention of fans makes this level-headed approach even more remarkable.

Rupert isn’t even offended by strangers heckling him.

He smiled and said: “People do call me Ron in the street. I have grown up with it, it has become my second name almost.

“I do answer to it. Or they call me Weasley or Ginger.”

Although he doesn’t enjoy people taking sneaky photographs while he’s in a restaurant.

He said: “There are moments when you don’t really want to do it, if you are having a meal and people are taking their camera phones out and taking pictures of you.

“You can spot them. They pretend to take pictures of their friend and they slightly offset the camera so they can get you.”

But he is grateful for some aspects of fame – all the fan mail and presents. For some reason he gets sent lots of pyjamas.

Odd encounters with obsessed fans also raise a smile.

He said with a laugh: “There was a time when I was in LA, I think, I met this guy who had a tattoo of me, Dan and Emma on his arm.

“He hadn’t quite got the resemblance. I looked like Anne Robinson.”

But how does he feel now this immense experience is over?

Rupert said: “It is weird to think it was the last one. There is a scene right at the end, after the battle, with the three of us on the bridge.

“I found that scene emotional, I still haven’t got used to it.”

But surely the post-Potter future is bright for Rupert, offering the chance to make different kinds of films?

In between the magical movies he has already appeared in low-budget projects including Wild Target, Cherrybomb, Driving Lessons and Thunderpants.

Coming up is Comrade, in which he plays a British airman shot down over Norway in the Second World War.

And Rupert has been lined up to play Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards in a biopic of the Winter Olympics sensation.

He says: “I want to keep on acting, definitely.”

We can only hope his career fares better than the dreams of Brit ski jumper Eddie – who came dead last in two events at the 1988 Winter Olympics.


Original article found here: The Sun| July 8th, 2011

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Kidsday interviews actor Rupert Grint

By JACKIE FALINO, MARY KATE GUMA, NIKO MARTINOVIC AND CONNOR SIVACEK Kidsday Reporters, Ages 12, 13 and 14, Bayville and Locust Valley

We met actor Rupert Grint when he was in Manhattan recently. We think he is a good actor and we really liked him as Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” movie series. His next movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” should be out in July.

How did you get the role of Ron Weasley, Is it true that you had to rap?

Yeah it is. I made a video. A lot of my friends were fans of books and there was a TV show that was appealing for kids our age, that were fans of the book to send in stuff. I sent in a video, I did like a rap. Just telling everyone how much I want to be in this films and stuff. I got an audition and just started from there.

Ron has the best sense of humor in all of the movies and actually gets some really great lines. What part of your personality do you think the script writers have captured in writing Ron’s words?

Over the years I hope we kind of emerged to the same person. I use to say wicked all the time, that’s kind of my word and suddenly it kind of started appearing in the script. It kind of does move over to real life.

We heard you’re afraid of spiders. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

Spider wise? Every day I get scared of spiders. I have to check my shoes every day, check the sheets in bed. It’s something I’ve kind of lived with for a long time.

Do you think it would have been easier for you to film the movies quickly back to back rather than having a year or two pass between them?

Yeah, we actually filmed both parts as one film. We just kind of mixed them all together and it just felt like a big long film and they were just going to release them as two. It was quite confusing doing two parts. It was fun.

We read where you enjoy race car driving and your dad was a rally driver. How did that influence you to the race car driving. Did it at all?

It did. Everyone in my family is kind of in the car industry in some way. My brother is a rally driver now. I’ve always been a big car fan as well.

What is the best part of the sport that you like?

Of racing? I use to go cart with my brother and I’m quite competitive as well. I just love to speed.

What was it like knowing “Harry Potter” was going to end because you were doing this for such a long time. What kind of emotions did you feel?

It was really sad. Because I kind of grown up with these people. It’s been a long time. It’s been half my life for it to come down. It was a real random scene that ended up to be the last one we did. Just jumping through a fireplace. It was really emotional, we all cried actually. I was quite surprised at that.

If you’re not portraying Ron in the films what other character would you like to be?

In “Harry Potter” — I don’t know there’s so many good characters. I always like Snape. He was always quite cool. Anyone on the darker side.

Have you ever kept any props from any of the movies?

Kept, probably stole is a better word.

What ways has the “Harry Potter” experience changed your life?

It really has. My life before was quite ordinary. Just went to school and nothing really happened and now I’m in New York talking about the seventh film. And it’s been amazing kind of journey. America I suppose has been the biggest change. I’ve never been visible. It’s fun.

We know your favorite sports is soccer and I play soccer as well. What is your favorite soccer team in the world?

The Spurs .

When you’re not filming, what is your favorite thing to do?

I draw a lot and paint, music, football.

What motivated you to buy an ice cream truck? We heard that you have one.

I do. Something I always wanted. The just love the music and I actually brought it up the last day of film and me and Emma served ice cream.

We read that you know how to ride a unicycle. How did you learn to?

It was a lot of falling off. It was a difficult thing to do. I haven’t done it in awhile. Just got obsessed with it. Just determined to kind of peddle on. I taught myself. I just kind of keeping your back straight.

Original article found here: Kidsay | March 5th, 2011

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Oscars’ Five Best Moments

This year’s Academy Awards are already just a memory, but Hollywood’s annual glamour fest provided some poignant and funny moments along the way.

Here are some of our favorites from the show:

1. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’s Crackling Delivery
The Friends with Benefits costars were together again, their onscreen chemistry translating to the stage, too. The witty Timberlake cracked Kunis up with his deadpan delivery of several jokes, literally causing her to double over with laughter at one point as they presented awards for animated films.

2. Harry Potter and Twilight Get the Auto-Tune Treatment
Add some clever technological maneuvers, and presto – a serious confrontation between Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 becomes a hilarious musical created with Auto-Tuned voices. Edward, Bella and a shirtless Jacob – Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner – also got the same treatment during a scene from Twilight: Eclipse, jokingly titled “He Doesn’t Own a Shirt.”

3. Christian Bale Chokes Up Paying Tribute to His Wife
Bale has played a gruff, gravelly voiced Batman, a grizzled boxer in his Oscar-winning performance in The Fighter, and myriad of other tough-guy roles. So when he choked up when it came to thanking his wife, Sandra “Sibi,” it was a departure for the towering Brit. “Of course mostly my wonderful wife (pause) ah – I didn’t think I was like this – my wonderful wife who is my mast through the storms of life, I hope I’m likewise to you, darling,” he said from the stage. Judging by her beaming face, it seems he is.

4. Luke Matheny: Big Winner, Big Hair
When he won the Oscar for his Live Action Short Film God of Love – a comedy about a lounge-singing darts champion – Matheny, sporting a huge mass of curly locks, immediately admitted, “I should’ve gotten a hair cut!” His enthusiastic acceptance speech and his shout-out to his mom for helping out on craft services brought some more charm to the proceedings – and loud applause from the audience.

5. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.’s Banter
It got physical, with Law putting a hand on Downey’s chest before telling him to “shut up.” His reason? As Law earnestly introduced the nominees for the Visual Effects Oscar, Downey interrupted him to criticize the category – more than once. “If it wasn’t for them, your closest association with a superhero would have been in 2001 when you got busted in a cheap hotel with a woman dressed as Bat Girl,” Law ribbed the Iron Man star. After a brief, stunned pause, Downey Jr. clarified, “First, that cheap hotel room cost $1,250 a night, with a corporate discount. Secondly, it was 2000 and not 2001. And most importantly, she was dressed as Wonder Woman.” Later, Downey Jr. added, “Jude Law no longer has a ride to the after parties if anyone’s interested.” The stone-faced actors, who starred in Sherlock Holmes together, were clearly joking about any disagreement, making the faux rivalry all the more fun.

Original article found here: | February 28th, 2011

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Ron Weasley visits Beaulieu

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint paid a surprise visit to the National Motor Museum in the New Forest.

Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the movie franchise, was at Beaulieu to see the ‘Flying’ Ford Anglia featured in the second film, ”Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’.

The car is on display in the National Motor Museum during 2011.

In the film, Harry Potter’s school friend Ron Weasley acquired the car after it was stolen.

The Anglia was a standard car until Ron’s Dad, Arthur Weasley enchanted it, making it able to fly, become invisible to Muggles and to carry his entire family despite its modest size.

In the real world, Rupert has added the Anglia to his collection of quirky cars, along with an Ice Cream Van, a modified VW Camper and a BMW Isetta bubble car.

The ‘Flying’ Ford Anglia can be seen as part of a visit to the National Motor Museum, including World of Top Gear and the James Bond Experience.

Original article found here: New Car Net | February 14th, 2011

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Sizzilin’ Pics: The Hottest 25 Stars Who Are 25 & Under!

Rupert Grint (22)

What’s He Done: Since 2001, Rupert Grint has delighted fans as Ron Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

What’s Next: The redhead will play Ron for the last time in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,’ in theaters July 15, 2011. Casting his wizarding robes aside, Grint will appear as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards in ‘Eddie the Eagle,’ which tells the story of England’s first ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics.

Original article found here: ET Online | January 26th, 2011

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The Evolution Of Rupert Grint: Photos Of The ‘Harry Potter’ Star Through The Years

It’s been 10 years since Rupert Grint landed the life-changing role of Harry Potter’s ginger-haired best pal Ron Weasely in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Needless to say, a lot has changed since the then 12-year-old actor dazzled Chris Columbus and the “Harry Potter” producers with an audition tape in which he rapped about why he should get the part.

Grint has developed from a goofy, skinny preteen — whose extracurricular movie work consisted of starring in “Thunderpants,” a film about a boy with a talent for farting (seriously) — into a robust 22-year-old with legions of swooning female fans, some serious acting chops, and a budding post-“Potter” film career that includes the upcoming buzz-worthy comedy-thriller “Wild Target.”

And so we’re reaching into our Harry Potter Week bag of tricks to pull out a special treat for fans of Rupert/Ron: a photo gallery chronicling Grint’s metamorphosis from awkward Harry Potter sidekick to unlikely heartthrob and indie film star. Click on the image below to see the photos.

Remember to come back to MTV Movies Blog every day this week — a.k.a. Harry Potter Week — for tons of Boy Wizard-themed awesomeness leading up to the November 19 release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” We’ve already revealed our list of the top 10 “Harry Potter” villains and the 10 most surprisingly important “Potter” characters, and asked fans to vote for their favorite “HP” baddie. And we’re going to keep dishing out the goods in the days to come with a list of the top 10 all-time best “Harry Potter” moments, recaps of the first six movies, polls, cast interviews, more photo galleries of the stars over the years, and awesomely nostalgic flashback videos featuring Dan, Emma and Rupert from the early days.

Original article found here: MTV Movies | November 16th, 2010

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Rupert Grint interview exclusive: The last scenes of Harry Potter will be overwhelming

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint talks about his new film Cherrybomb and how he feels about the end of Harry Potter

IF there’s anything Rupert Grint’s latest film has shown us, it’s that Ron Weasley isn’t as innocent as he seems.
Harry Potter star Rupert Grint gets hot and heavy in Cherrybomb with co-star Kimberley Nixon, breaking away from his goofy Potter character with a slightly awkward sex scene and a brand new ‘bad boy’ image.

Having shot to global stardom at age 11, Rupert hasn’t lived a particularly normal teenage life, but just half-an-hour into Cherrybomb it’s obvious his Potter days haven’t kept him sheltered from Skins-style teenage mayhem.’s NIKKI BARR sat down for a quick chat with Rupert about sex scenes, Potter parties and strange fan mail….

How did you feel after watching Cherrybomb for the first time?
It was two years ago that we filmed it so it’s weird. It was a great experience, it was a really different kind of filming experience, mainly because of the budget, I guess, but I was in a different country and it was a very quick pace and a very different kind of film [to Harry Potter].

What were the main differences on set?
The dressing rooms and stuff…they were a bit less comfortable! But the main thing was the pace. We were doing 10 scenes a day, it was a real pressure to finish everything, we couldn’t do like 50 takes on one job, we had to get it right the first few times. It had a real fast energy about it. Which I liked, it kind of puts you right in the moment. Harry Potter is a very unique thing and it’s a bit like a machine really, there’s a lot of waiting about where as there was none of that with Cherrybomb. It was all kind of full on. It was a real experience, I know how ‘real’ films are put together now.

Did you find it difficult breaking out of your role as Ron Weasley?
I didn’t think about it, Cherrybomb came up quickly, in the space of a week actually, I met the directors and read the script and then was on a flight to Belfast. But yeah, it’s kind of what attracted me to it. It’s a real different kind of character, he’s a bit more complicated and I suppose it was a more ‘adult’ role. I don’t think I was ever nervous about that because as I get older I’ll be doing more grown-up things.

You said the sex scene was awkward…
It’s this weird kind of thing. It’s got this bizarre atmosphere, you have crew watching you and different cameras everywhere and you feel really kind of self-conscious. Actually reading it on paper is a lot worse than filming it. When you see it come together it’s more abstract and it’s nothing too graphic. It’s worse for Kim [Kimberley Nixon], you see a lot more of her. Once we did it, it was fine. It was quick, we did it in not many takes at all.

Have your family seen it yet?
Yeah, that’s probably the worst part [laughs], we just don’t talk about it!

Harry Potter changed your life, do you ever wonder where you would be without it?
I don’t know, it’s a scary thought. I was very fortunate. I saw something on Newsround, actually [which remembers seeing as well!] it’s weird. I really enjoy acting and if I can keep going I definitely will.

Do you get offered a lot of scripts off the back of Harry Potter?
There wasn’t really a lot of time to do other stuff because we were filming Harry Potter every day of the year, so it’s quite hard to find the gaps to do other things. Without Harry Potter I wouldn’t really be… it’s quite a tough industry to get into so I’ve been quite lucky. Harry Potter was a bit of a fluke anyway.

Would you ever quit acting and go to university like Emma Watson?
It’s always going to be an option but I’ll avoid it if I can. I want to keep on acting.

How has filming the last few scenes been?

It’s a comfortable atmosphere, but the end is quite daunting, we’ve known all the crew for half of our lives and we know the characters so, well, it’s just easy. But I’m excited as well, I’m looking forward to moving on and seeing what else is there for me.

Will you have a huge end-of-filming party?
I hope so, we haven’t had a party since the second one. That was a great wrap party but we’ll have some kind of a bash.

Has it been emotional on set?
Not yet, I’m guessing once we get to the last few weeks… I don’t know how I’m going to react it’s going to be quite overwhelming. It’s like ten years of your life is down to one shot, really, and then it’s all over. It’s going to be strange. I’ll probably get over it [laughs].

What has been your favourite Harry Potter moment?
It has all been really good. But the first scene, the first day, was pretty cool. Because, obviously, I had no idea what to expect or how many people were involved. It was exciting.

Will you remain friends with the cast?
Definitely, it’s an intimate process and you do kind of warm to people quite a lot. We’re good mates. There’s a big list of people involved but we’ll definitely stay in touch.

What’s happening next in your life?
A few things, I’ve got a film called Wild Target [Rupert plays an assassin’s apprentice] coming out next month. It was good fun playing with the guns and stuff.

And you’re going to play Eddie the Eagle [British ski-jumping record holder]…can you even ski?
I’ve never skied in my life so it’s going to be interesting. That will be quite fun I think, it’ll be cool.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been sent by a fan?
I get a lot of pyjamas, all different kinds but mainly oriental style.

Have you ever had a crush on a co-star?
Yeah, maybe when I was 11, it’s kind of natural, it was like a school yard [on the Harry Potter set]. Probably some of the extras!

We hear you have an ice cream van, if you were going to impress a girl with an ice cream from your van, what would the topping be?

Hmm, I don’t really have anything in the van at the moment, but probably flake, the classic flake.

Which topping would you say represents you best?
Hundreds and thousands, rainbow.

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Rupert Grint: The ginger actor’s darker side

LONDON—Rupert Grint may be earning raves from the cast and crew of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 for his skills as a dramatic actor in the final film, but he’s still got his eccentric side. Take, for example, his farewell gifts to his fellow actors when the movie wrapped in June: trumpets.

He doesn’t play the trumpet and neither do they. “It doesn’t make sense to me,” Grint admitted with a laugh.

“I engraved them,” he added. “Just a little message to both of them. I actually hand-engraved them. I got an engraving kit.”

Grint, who is perhaps best known for his bright orange-red hair, declared himself “a proud ginger,” and said he’s pleased when people shake his hand and thank him. “It makes me feel good. It’s a kind of pride.”

Redheads often find themselves the butt of jokes in England.

The soft-spoken Grint, 22, was dressed casually in a T-shirt with a Chinese happy cat logo on the front, a cardigan and jeans as he chatted with the press in London last week. On his feet were ripped Converse sneakers in a Union Jack pattern.

He talked about raising miniature animals and is the proud owner of a fibreglass, three-wheeled bubble car. He also has an ice cream van that he happily drives around. Despite only acting in one school play before he was cast as Ron Weasley, Grint has done some interesting screen work outside of Potter. He drew good notices for Driving Lessons in 2007 and made a couple of indy films and he’s rumoured to be playing Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards in a biopic about the darling of the Calgary Olympics, England’s first ski jumper in the Winter Games.

Grint was pleased that the last two movies in the Potter series have let him explore a different side of Ron as he and Harry face some serious challenges to their friendship.

“It was really cool in this film to do more of that because in previous roles it’s always been quite lighthearted and upbeat. But now it’s a lot more complicated and see a much darker side to him.”

David Yates, director of the last four Potter films, agrees.

“I think Rupert could be a really wonderful, straight actor,” Yates, said in London last week. “You can always think of him as a comedian and I sometimes watch Rupert when he’s off camera and he’s just off to the side between takes, because he’s the quietest member of the cast and crew. There’s a real poetry about Rupert as a human being, as an actor. I think he could be really, really good. But it’s interesting, the audience is so programmed to just find him funny all the time. He’s a funny guy, isn’t he, so it’s great for him to do some serious stuff.”

Original article found here: The Star | November 17th, 2010

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