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Rupert Grint and Nick Frost to star in Sick Note sitcom

Rupert Grint and Nick Frost will star in new sitcom Sick Note
It’s about a man who is mis-diagnosed with cancer, but continues to say he’s got it as people are nicer to him
The six-part series is being filmed now, to be shown on Sky Atlantic in early 2017

Rupert Grint and Nick Frost are to star in Sick Note, a new sitcom for Sky Atlantic.

The six-part series will focus on how “desperate a person’s actions can become when a lie starts to spiral out of control”.

Sick Note is the story of Daniel Glass, a compulsive liar. Just when things couldn’t get any worse for him, he’s diagnosed with esophageal cancer. But owing to the diagnosis, Daniel finds those around him begin treating him better.

However, Daniel then finds out he was misdiagnosed, leaving him with a big decision. He can come clean and go back to his old rubbish life, or keep this new information a secret and pretend to be ill.

Daniel decides to go for the latter option and lie, but very quickly the mis-truths spiral out of control and both Daniel and Dr Glennis who diagnosed him have to spend all of their waking lives trying to prevent the truth from getting out.

Rupert Grint, best known for playing Ron in the Harry Potter films, takes on the lead role of Daniel, with Nick Frost playing Dr Ian Glennis, “the most incompetent oncologist on Earth”.

Sick Note will also feature American TV star Don Johnson (Miami Vice) as Kenny West, Daniel’s irrepressible boss.
Filming is now under way on the series, which has been written by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz. BAFTA winning director Matt Lipsey is overseeing the shoot. Footage of Grint filming a scene in South London was recently posted on YouTube

Sick Note is being produced by King Bert, the production company founded by David Walliams, Miranda Hart and producer Jo Sargent.

Jo Sargent says: “We are thrilled that we are making Sick Note for Sky Atlantic. Nat and James have done a brilliant job creating an enticing and funny hook and I look forward to our stellar cast bringing their hilarious scripts to life”.

Sky Atlantic’s Zai Bennett comments: “We’re delighted to welcome the stellar cast of Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson to Sky Atlantic in this smart new original comedy. They join a high end stable of US hits like Veep and Silicon Valley alongside great original comedy from the likes of Julia Davis and Steve Coogan.”

Sick Note will be shown on Sky Atlantic in early 2017, with the entire series being made available as an on-demand Sky Box Set.

Original article found at May 31st, 2016

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