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Written by Gail Campbell-Thomson

IMAGINE the surreal world of Roald Dahl merged with the potty humour of Viz magazine and you have Thunderpants, the story of one boy’s battle to overcome a rather embarrassing problem and make his dreams come true.


Thunderpants is basically a one joke comedy, but in the hands of Pete Hewitt (The Borrowers) what could have been a feeble pre-teen attempt at toilet humour is instead a quite charming children’s fable which shows us that you don’t have to be Superman to be special.

Patrick Smash (Bruce Cook) is not your typical ten-year-old boy. True he has all the necessary angst of an ankle biter his age, such as making friends at school, avoiding the school bully and his gang of cronies, and growing up to be an astronaut.

But he has a unique problem which causes immediate social death and exile. Having been born with two stomachs, Patrick suffers from uncontrollable and extremely explosive flatulence.

Now this is not your average embarrassing botty-burp. No, Patrick is able to clear whole rooms of people, smash windows, damage property and almost move mountains with his devastating problem.

This “problem” has caused his family to split apart and has all but made him a social pariah All have deserted him except for his best friend Alan A Allen (Rupert Grint) a highly eccentric yet brilliant child prodigy and inventor of fantastic machines who, thankfully has no sense of smell.

It is Alan who makes the eponymous Thunderpants of the title. He designs them as a containment unit in an effort to help Patrick achieve his hearts desire – to become a Spaceman.

This is a seemingly impossible dream, but when the US Space centres latest mission falls into trouble he may just get the chance.

As with The Borrowers, Hewitt delves into the idiosyncratic British world of Roald Dahl.

Original article found here: Cheshire Online | May 23rd, 2002

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Thunderpants Was Hilarious!

Stephanie went along the premiere of Thunderpants and even got to meet Rupert Grint!
“When we went into the cinema we saw Rupert having pictures with fans.

I asked for a picture with him and my mum took loads of pictures of us to together.

Just before Thunderpants started All Stars sang a song which featured at the end of the film.

World record

Then we broke a world record! – the most people sitting on a whoopee cushion all at the same time!

Thunderpants was hilarious!

The whole story is about these two best friends, Patrick Smash (Bruce Cook) and Alan A. Allen (Rupert Grint).

Farting power

They make an invention called Thunderpants which is so successful they make more inventions using Patrick’s farting power.

I give the film 8/10. It’s more a boy’s film than a girl’s.

After, I got a goody bag containing Thunderpants items, from a T-shirt to a poster.

I also got some other famous people’s autographs and photos.

Stephanie, 12, London

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | May 14th, 2002

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Whoopee Record At Thunderpants Premiere

Written by Sharron Gibson

Imagine going to watch a film at the cinema and coming out a record-breaker!

Well, that’s what happened me and about 620 other people.

Well, that’s what happened me and about 620 other people.Well, that’s what happened me and about 620 other people.

Each person was given a whoopee cushion before going into the film and a Guinness World Records person was on hand to make sure the record was properly done.

After only a few attempts, my record breaking companions and I were told we had hit the big time.

Me with my record breaking ‘fart’ cushion

We had achieved what no other had dared to achieve before – a world record in a simultaneous fart!

I was feeling very proud!

Mind you, there was of course good reason for such an attempt.

Sunday saw the premiere of Thunderpants, a film about a boy who has problems in the wind department – he can’t stop blowing-off!

And boy does he do that well.

It stars Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame and newcomer Bruce Cook who plays the title role.

Bruce says the film “is really cool.”

His rather dodgy haircut is due to him filming a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby.

Thunderpants is released on 24 May.

Come back soon to read Stephanie’s Press Pack report on the Premiere.

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | May 12th, 2002

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Report On The Thunderpants Premiere

Rupert Grint’s new film Thunderpants blasts into cinemas soon.And we want one lucky press packer to come along to the premiere of the movie in London and report on it!

In Thunderpants, Rupert Grint plays a science genius who becomes great friends with Patrick – a boy with an unusual problem – he can’t stop farting!

Together they go on a fantastic adventure that leads them to the US Space Centre.

How to enter

So if you want the chance to mingle with celebs and see the film before all your friends you just have to answer this question:

What is Rupert Grint’s nickname on the CBBC Newsround message boards?

You also have to check with a parent or guardian that you’re free to come to London on Sunday 12 May.

We’ll pay your travel and accommodation if you need to stay over.

The closing date for the comp is Friday 10 May – so you’d better hurry!

Good luck!

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround| May 9th 2002

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Rupert’s new film: Thunderpants!

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has a new role to play: Thunderpants!

The actor who played Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley is to play a boy genius in his latest new film.

In Thunderpants Rupert comes to the aid of a friend who just can’t stop – ahem – breaking wind!

Clever trousers

Grint’s clever character designs a pair of trousers which mean the boy, played by newcomer Bruce Cook, can achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut.

He stars alongside actors Stephen Fry and Simon Callow in the £5m British film.

13-year-old Rupert, once a CBBC Newsround Online messageboard regular, said:

I’m really proud of the film and hope it’s a big hit.”

And he can’t resist: “It’s the windiest film ever!”

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | January 20th, 2002

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