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Ron Weasley kicks back after wrapping the ‘Potter’ series.

With the long-running ” Harry Potter” franchise beginning to draw to a close, the three young actors who star in the epic fantasy films are finding themselves at the dawn of a new stage of their careers.

Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, is preparing to star in February in a Broadway revival of the Frank Loesser musical classic “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” in addition to lining up new movie roles. Emma Watson, who plays the studious Hermione Granger, is attending Brown University in Rhode Island and will appear in the movie “My Week With Marilyn,” set for release next year.

And Rupert Grint, who portrays Harry’s best wizard buddy, Ron Weasley? Well, he’s blissfully unemployed.

“I am quite enjoying not doing anything,” said the laid-back 22-year-old, calling from his home outside London for a recent interview. “It’s been nice.”

It’s a big change of pace for Grint, who wrapped shooting the two-part “Harry Potter” finale, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” in June; the first part will open in theaters Nov. 19, the final installment will follow next summer. The films, which see the trio of friends leave the safety of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and set out on a quest to finally defeat the evil Lord Voldemort, were made simultaneously and were rather daunting for the actors, Grint said.

“The last films have been quite exhausting. It was over a year in production,” he said. “It was really full on.”

Before he reported to work on the final “Potter” movies, Grint made the ensemble British comedy “Wild Target,” which opens Friday. Directed by Jonathan Lynn, the farce, based on the 1993 French film “Cible Emouvante,” revolves around a middle-aged hit man ( Bill Nighy), the beautiful con artist ( Emily Blunt) he has been commissioned to kill and a petty thief (Grint) who discovers he’s pretty good with a gun and becomes the assassin’s apprentice.

Grint’s Tony also happens not to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he plays the black comedy for all it’s worth — his shocked, anxious reaction to his first kill is particularly memorable.

“It was quite refreshing to do the film,” Grint said of “Wild Target.” “I liked the script, and I thought it would be quite good fun. It came at a good time, as I had just finished filming the sixth ‘Harry Potter.’ I quite liked working with different people.”

Although as Ron Weasley he has had moments of humorous screen time before, Grint admitted that comedy didn’t come naturally to him as an actor. “I find it quite difficult, I think, [compared] to other kinds of types of acting,” he confessed.

But Lynn said that Grint’s abilities served him well on set, working with the rest of the cast. “I think he has a real knack for comedy, but I do think he finds it difficult,” Lynn said. “He think he finds the absolute precision of it difficult…. The reason he does seem to have a knack for it is that he’s a natural, and he has this wonderful personae that works so well on the screen. He was the easiest and nicest person to have around, and he was determined to do whatever I asked.”

Grint doesn’t know what the future holds for him. “I don’t have a plan,” he said, adding that he hasn’t ruled out following Radcliffe and doing theater. “It’s definitely an option. I think it would be quite fun. I’ll see what comes up.”

He might even leave his parents’ house at some point in the near future. “I have a place in London to where I go quite a bit. Eventually, I’ll move out.”

Original article found here: The LA Times | October 28th, 2010

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Rupert Grint Is A ‘Wild Target’ As This Week’s Hump Day Hottie

Rupert Grint, the ginger-haired star of the “Harry Potter” franchise, won our hearts as Ron Weasley, but really, he’s so much more than just a teen witch. He’s managed to sneak in all sorts of projects while still maintaining his blockbuster star status in the “Harry Potter” flicks. So before “Potter” madness really takes over the world, we’re naming him this week’s Hump Day Hottie.

Vital stats: The 22-year-old Brit got his start on the stage and had never appeared on camera before “Harry Potter.” He grew up in the magical-sounding land of Hertfordshire and comes from a rather large family: He’s got one brother and three sisters. He’s the oldest.

Where you might have already seen him: He’s probably best known for his work in the “Harry Potter” movies, but he’s managed to pepper in a number of other projects since the first film hit theaters in 2001. His other credits include parts in “Thunderpants,” “Driving Lessons” and “Cherry Bomb.”

Why you should take notice of him now: Well, he’s got the first half of the final “Harry Potter” flick, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” hitting theaters this November. But this week, fans can check him out in his Emily Blunt co-starring film, “Wild Target,” about a hitman who gets called back into the game thanks to a beautiful thief. Also, he’s got the second “Deathly Hallows” out next year, as well as “Eddie The Eagle.”

Original article found here: Hollywood Crush MTV | October 27th, 2010

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Five Favorite Films with Rupert Grint

The star of Harry Potter and this week’s Wild Target reveals the movies that work their magic on him.

He’s instantly recognizable to millions of fans as the redoubtable Ron Weasley, loyal sidekick to Harry Potter and romantic interest to Hermione Granger in the films of J.K. Rowling’s series; a phenomenon that will soon reach fever pitch with the November release of the penultimate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. But 22-year-old Rupert Grint has also been putting together a resume of smaller, character-driven films on the side, the latest of which, Wild Target, opens in US theaters this week. In this very British crime caper, Grint plays a kid who stumbles upon a deadly scenario and inadvertently becomes an apprentice hitman to Bill Nighy, all while getting to snuggle up to Emily Blunt and trade quips with the likes of Martin Freeman and Rupert Everett. RT was lucky enough to catch Rupert recently and pose that eternal question: “Will there ever be a rainbow?” We then asked him his Five Favorite Films.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971, 90% Tomatometer)

I have never gotten this film out of my head. The disturbing humor and strong characters make it one of the favorites that I regularly watch.

Eraserhead (1977, 90% Tomatometer)

Watching Eraserhead is like living in a nightmare: quite uncomfortable, and a distressing experience — which is why I love it.

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004, 58% Tomatometer)

I really like [director] Shane Meadows, and any film with a revenge storyline. I love the soundtrack, and it has a great cast and a really unexpected twist at the end.

Arthur (1981, 89% Tomatometer)

Dudley Moore is a legend. I only discovered this film recently but I fell in love with it.

The Stuff (1985, 63% Tomatometer)

I’m a big ‘B’ movie fan, and for me this ticks every ‘B’ movie box. It must be the most original idea for a monster — an evil mass-produced dessert. It’s got the strangest characters I’ve ever seen in a film, which makes it a forever favorite of mine.

Original article found here: Rotten Tomatoes | October 26th, 2010

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Rupert Grint ‘I Haven’t Adjusted to Life Withou Harry Potter’

Before Rupert Grint returns in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you can catch him in a very different role in the dark and wacky comedy Wild Target. He’s a little short on smarts, as he gets conned into assisting a hitman, played by Bill Nighy.

Parade’s Jeanne Wolf talked to Grint about being in the middle of action without magical powers. Plus, why he thinks he may be mistaken for “The Donald” in Deathly Hallows.

Something in common with his Wild Target character.
“I’m quite gullible. I probably kind of believe anything that you tell me. So, of course, I am usually the target for practical jokes because I’m quite easily taken in. This guy I play is very much like that.”

Guns instead of wands.
Wild Target was quite different from Harry Potter. There’s a lot of car chases and shooting people and stuff, not to mention stunts where you’re running and stumbling. The gun play was quite scary and kind of intimidating, especially firing a machine gun. It really took me a while to get used to it. You don’t know where to point it or anything. But in the end it makes you feel quite nervy, although it’s completely safe because you’re only shooting blanks.”

He never hit a bullseye.
“We went to a shooting range to fire real bullets at targets. It was really quite cool, but so difficult. I wasn’t brilliant at it. I don’t know how people do it. I did learn how to assemble a gun blindfolded, which wasn’t that easy either. So that’s a useful little stunt I took away with me. If I ever need to do it again, I could. Actually, I don’t trust myself with guns. They’re so dangerous and they kind of freak me out a little bit so I wouldn’t have one around at home.”

Life after HP.
“We had like a big wrap party when we finished and it was really nice to see everyone again from all the films. I haven’t quite adjusted to life without Harry Potter. I’m really sad actually, I’ve missed it. But I think it’s a good time really to kind of move on. It has been a long time. After ten years, I do kind of want to stretch a bit more and explore different characters and do different things.”

Maybe he could try Celebrity Apprentice.
“I don’t age gracefully in the last film when all of us get older. My hair is still red but I have a lot less of it. It was quite a shock when I saw myself in the mirror. I felt like I was looking at Donald Trump because they gave me that comb over that he has. I did get a lot of ribbing from everyone, I must admit.”

Check out his fashionable stubble in Wild Target.
“I do have some whiskers on my face. There was a lot of discussion about it whether it was right. It’s not really a beard, I guess you could call it a ‘near beard.’ My co-star Bill Nighy had one that he grew that I was quite impressed with. I don’t whether I could ever grow one like that.”

What’s he’s been doing in his spare time.
“I had my tonsils out recently. Something I’ve always kinda needed because I’ve always had freakishly large tonsils. It’s always affected my sleeping. But it was an operation I could never have when I was filming because there was no time to convalesce. I’m finally on the mend. It was very painful, but thank God they’re out.”

Original article found here: Parade | October 26th, 2010

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Harry Potter star struggles with ‘low budget’ transition

Rupert Grint had trouble adjusting to small film sets after working on the Harry Potter movies.

The flame-haired actor – who plays wizard Ron Weasley in the long-running series based on the novels of J. K. Rowling – was confused when he worked on British projects Cherrybomb and Wild Target because he had been used to big budget environments.

He told Total Film magazine: “It was quite an adjustment going from Harry Potter to doing the low-budget films. It threw me a little – it’s just such a different way of making a film.

“But I prefer the pace of low budgets because it’s much more in the moment.”

The 22-year-old star also reveals he is due to star in a biopic about British ski jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, but is nervous about it because he has never strapped on a pair of skis in his life.

He said: “It’ll be great if it happens but we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the challenge because he’s such a big character.

“I’ve never skied in my life, so I guess that might be a problem – but I’m sure I’ll pick it up.”

Original article found here: The Sydney Morning Herald | October 5th, 2010

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Weasley Does It: Rupert Grint Interview

Ron Weasley’s down-to-earth alter-ego on growing up and getting old…

Rupert Grint has managed to squeeze several movies in between filming on the Harry Potter saga, with the coming-of-age drama Cherrybomb – which sees his character having a wild weekend – only the latest. We chat to the 21 year old about teenage rebellion and what he’s looking forward to the most once Harry has wrapped…

SKY MOVIES MAGAZINE: Were you consciously trying to move away from Ron Weasley with your recent non-Harry Potter projects? You played a rebellious teen in Cherrybomb and a young hitman in Wild Target…
RUPERT GRINT: I don’t know, I don’t think about it really. At the moment I’m still doing all the Potter things, and I’m lucky to get to do other stuff in between.

SMM: Could you relate more to your Cherrybomb character, who gets up to some typical teenage behaviour?
RG: Yes. The fact that you can look back and relate it to things that you’d actually done yourself – I’m much older than my character in it, he’s 16 ­– really helps.

SMM: Did you miss out on that teenage phase because of Harry Potter?
RG: No, I don’t think I missed out too much. And I don’t really regret it. It’s been a really good experience making the films. I’ve had a good time.

SMM: Is it a shock going to work on a low-budget film like Cherrybomb after the pampered world of Harry Potter?
RG: Well, it was quite scary going to a different place, but the biggest difference was just the pace they worked at. It was much quicker and it was much more exciting, actually.

SMM: Do you get recognised everywhere you go now?
RG: I do get recognised quite a bit now but everyone’s really nice so it’s quite easy to deal with. But still a bit strange.

MM: What are you most looking forward to with the last two films?
RG: I really loved the book. There’s a lot of great stuff in it. Particularly in Part 2 – that’s what I’m most looking forward to because that’s where all the action is. And the “20 years after” thing – that’s going to be interesting. I’m pretty sure they’ll age us up for that. I can’t really see them doing that with CG…

SMM: So what’s next after Potter? Have you been offered roles in Hollywood?
RG: There’s been a few things about but it’s quite tight with the Harry Potter thing. Usually we only get a few months in between. Something like Cherrybomb only took four weeks to film so it was easy just to sort of slide in. We’ll see what happens when this is all done.

Words: Matt Mueller

This interview first appeared in Sky Movies Magazine Sep/Oct 2010

Original article found here: Sky Movies Magazine | September/October 2010

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Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint – Wild Target trailer

Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, and Bill Nighy lead a strong British cast in the road-chase comedy Wild Target about a hitman, who decides to protect his beautiful target from the bad guys…well, the other bad guys. Here, we have the trailer, which boasts a look at the entire cast including those mentioned above along with Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins, and Martin Freeman.

Blunt, a fine British actress, who really showed some range in films like The Young Victoria, The Devil Wears Prada, and Sunshine Cleaning, looks adorable (as usual) in the role of a thief Nighy decides to protect. Grint, whom most people know from the Harry Potter films, also appears to be having a lot of fun in one of his first real adult roles. From the director of My Cousin Vinny, Nuns on the Run, and The Whole Nine Yards. Wild Target is in able hands for sure, and hits theaters on October 8.

ICM Note: Wild Target is scheduled to be released October 29th. Original date was October 8th.

Original article found here: BSC Review | September 28, 2010

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Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint

Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, and Bill Nighy lead a strong British cast in the road-chase comedy Wild Target about a hitman, who decides to protect his beautiful target from the bad guys…well, the other bad guys. Here, we have the trailer, which boasts a look at the entire cast including those mentioned above along with Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins, and Martin Freeman.

Blunt, a fine British actress, who really showed some range in films like The Young Victoria, The Devil Wears Prada, and Sunshine Cleaning, looks adorable (as usual) in the role of a thief Nighy decides to protect. Grint, whom most people know from the Harry Potter films, also appears to be having a lot of fun in one of his first real adult roles. From the director of My Cousin Vinny, Nuns on the Run, and The Whole Nine Yards. Wild Target is in able hands for sure, and hits theaters on October 8.

Original article found here: BSC | September 28th, 2010

What will Harry Potter and the gang do next?

With the first part of the final instalment to the Harry Potter film series soon to grace our presence (released 19th November 2010) I was left wondering, what will they do next? We’ve watched these characters grow from innocent school children to national Hollywood glamourous stars over the past 10 years. It’s a huge part of their life and ours, so the next step they take will determine so much for them.

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) has blossomed into one of the most stylish stars we see on our screen. With a huge interest in the fashion world, she is likely to continue the course of looking gorgeous on the red carpet and making an impact with her statement outfits. If we take a look at the places she’s appeared in (Vogue, Elle, Burberry) she’s creating a huge name for herself. She is also starting an eco-friendly clothing range called “People Tree” in which she wants to make people more aware of fashion in an ethical sense. This is likely to take focus on her life now, and the acting will come later. She voiced the character Princess Pea in The Tale of Desperaux, and played in a TV drama named “Ballet Shows” so she’s obviously testing different ways in which to take her career, but for now Harry Potter is her biggest role.

Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley) seems to have taken a much more indie route in his life. During the filming of the Harry Potter films, he featured in some niche type of dramas that had quite a risqué topic. Cherrybomb, about a group of teens who go on a weekend of mayhem with lots of drink, drugs and more illegal activities, and Wild Target focusing on a young apprentice who works for a hit man are to name two from this interesting topic of films he’s focusing on. Looking at other work he does, British cinema tends to be his focus so maybe he will be bringing us some very unique roles in his career. Ron was a step in the right direction for him because he can be humorous, emotional and charming all in one, showing just how talented he is.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is the main man so he bares the burden of a career in roles that he’ll never be able to fully give because everyone sees him as the most powerful magician and nothing else. HOWEVER, as we all know he stripped on stage in the West-End show Equus, and he seems to favour this route. The Woman in Black is turning into a film in which Radcliffe will be playing Arthur Kipps, the lead. And moving more into these artistic roles he will be playing Dan Eldon which is an English photographer in The Journey Is The Destination. So maybe this guy’s going to be the low key one out of all three.

Funny how things turn out…

Original article found here: Blogomagtic 3000 | September 26, 2010

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Rupert Grint Goes From Wizard to Hitman in ‘Wild Target’ Trailer

It’s hard to imagine Harry Potter’s goofy pal Ron Weasley as a lethal hitman. But now, thanks to the new “Wild Target” trailer that debuted on Yahoo! Movies, you don’t have to imagine it; you can watch it.

In the upcoming British hitman comedy, young Weasley’s portrayer, Rupert Grint, becomes an unwitting apprentice to a seasoned assassin played by the always awesome Bill Nighy. We say “unwitting” because Grint’s bumbling Tony thinks Nighy’s Victor Maynard is a private detective, as does Emily Blunt’s con artist Rose — a woman Victor was hired to kill but couldn’t because, you know, he thinks she’s the bee’s knees.

Pursued by Victor’s former employer (Rupert Everett) and a hitman (Martin Freeman), the three mismatched pals go on the lam together, and — as you might have guessed — plenty of wry English hilarity ensues.

The hitman-going-straight-for-the-hot-girl story certainly isn’t new, but “Wild Target” is perfectly cast and, from the looks of the trailer, plenty funny enough to keep it fresh and entertaining. And, if at some point in the film Grint, Blunt and Nighy break song, this one gets instant-classic status. So fingers crossed.

“Wild Target” opens in limited release on Oct. 29.

Original article found here: Next Movie | September 24, 2010

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