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Rupert Grint’s Wild Target Signals Bright Future Beyond Harry Potter

Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint is ready to take centre stage after years of playing second fiddle to Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter films.

Flame haired Grint is currently promoting his latest film ‘Wild Target’ where he plays a samurai sword wielding trainee hitman alongside fellow Harry Potter actor veteran Bill Nighy.

It’s an all action caper with Grint taking his clothes off for the first time on camera. Although not appearing front frontal naked in Wild Target he does in the other film he’s just finished, Cherrybomb, which sees him engaging in a wild weekend of drinking, shop-lifting and joy-riding with two other teenagers.

Grint says of Wild Target:

“It wasn’t full frontal. It’s one of those shots where everything is kind of conveniently placed. It was really weird because they put me in a bath of milk to cover me up!”

Yes, you read correctly “a bath of milk”. The makers of Wild Target weren’t sure the public were quite ready for a shot of Ron WeasleyRon Weasley’s genitals and so made Rupert sit in a bath of milk instead of clear water to protect his modesty.

Wild Target is described as a ‘comedy action caper’ and also stars Emily BluntEmily Blunt and Martin FreemanMartin Freeman of The Office fame. It’s a complete departure from Harry Potter and sees Grint taking part in car chases, toting a gun and practising martial arts with a samurai sword.

Of future projects, Grint is quoted on his own website as saying:

“I’d do literally anything. Anything that’s quite different with big characters would be good. Someone dark and insane would be quite cool”

Grint’s come a long way from that little red haired boy playing Ron Weasley in the first Harry Potter movie and it looks like he’s got his sights set on going even further.

Wild Target is now on full UK release. US fans will have to wait until October.

Original article found here: All Voices | June 20th, 2010

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Rupert Grint Open To Movie Nudity

Rupert Grint had to film scenes in a bathtub full of milk for his latest movie because the director didn’t want anyone to catch a glimpse of his genitals.

The 21-year-old actor plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film franchise. He is now an adult, but says some people still go to extreme lengths to protect his modesty.

While shooting his latest movie, Wild Target, Rupert was even forced to spend hours bathing in milk instead of water because the white liquid hid his private parts better.

“There are a few nearly-naked scenes,” he explained. “Because I’m an apprentice so I have to learn all these samurai skills I do a lot of topless sword stuff.

And there’s another scene where I stand up in the bath!

“It wasn’t full frontal. It’s one of those shots where everything is kind of conveniently placed. It was really weird because they put me in a bath of milk to cover me up!”

Although he was glad no one on the set on Wild Target saw him naked, Rupert says he would consider going nude for a film. If the script was tasteful and the nudity necessary to the plot, the redhead wouldn’t have a problem stripping off.

“It would be quite embarrassing, but I would think about it,” he laughed to British magazine More!

Original article found here: Music Rooms | June 20th, 2010

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Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint “ready to move on”

After a decade of juggling childhood with being a major movie star, Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is ready to move on as shooting of the eight-film franchise finally comes to an end.

Grint, who plays red-haired Ron Weasley in the movies based on J.K. Rowling’s bestselling wizard stories, has already appeared in several smaller, independent productions while continuing to make the Potter pictures.

Filming of the final instalment has just ended, 10 years after the young cast cut their acting teeth on the set of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, which came out in 2001. Its U.S. title was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

“It’s been a long time,” Grint told Reuters in an interview for his latest movie “Wild Target”, also starring Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt in a remake of a 199Os French film.

“We started this last one (Harry Potter) this February and it’s been fun, it’s going to be a great way to end the series. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, but I think I’m kind of ready to move on now,” he added.

The Harry Potter series has made household names of its three central characters — Grint, Daniel Radcliffe (who plays the boy wizard Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione) — as well as multi-millionaires.

The six movies to date have amassed $5.4 billion at the international box office, and far more if DVD and merchandise sales are added.

The final of the seven books penned by Rowling — “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” — has been divided into two movies, the first of which is released in November and the second in July, 2011.

Grint said he was happy to play different roles other than that of Ron.

“I’m kind of just looking ahead now because Potter is coming to an end and it’s just trying to keep going really,” he said. And appearing in pictures with budgets that are tiny compared with the blockbuster Potter pictures has its own appeal.

“A much smaller budget sort of changes the whole kind of experience because every shot means a lot more,” explained Grint, 21.

“You don’t have the benefit of having a hundred takes, you have to get it right quite a lot sooner. So yeah, I quite enjoy that pressure.”

In Wild Target, middle-aged hitman Victor Maynard (Nighy) finds his professional routine upset by feelings he develops for his latest target, kooky thief Rose (Blunt).

Turning protector, he subsequently bids to stop a ruthless art dealer and rival assassin now threatening their lives with the help of a novice apprentice (Grint).

The film marks a return to British comedy for director Jonathan Lynn, who started his career with the hit television series “Yes Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister” but has since been based in Hollywood directing films like “My Cousin Vinny,” and “The Whole Nine Yards”.

Wild Target hits cinemas in Britain on June 18 with the movie also set to be released in France and the United States later this year. (Additional reporting and writing by Mike Collett-White, editing by Paul Casciato)

Original article found here: Telegraph | June 16, 2010

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Harry Potter star Grint says new film ‘quite scary’

Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint has admitted that he found the idea of working on another movie set “scary” after working on the blockbuster series for so long.

The 21-year-old was talking ahead of the release of new comedy Wild Target, which he stars in with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.

He told Newsbeat: “It was quite an intimidating prospect to be on another set really, away from a crew that I’d grown up with.

“To be out of that bubble was quite scary.”

As for the Harry Potter films: “We’re kind of approaching the end now. We’re going to have to face the real world.

“It’s quite a weird thought. I never imagined what it would feel like to finish.”

Rupert’s co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the wizard movies, admitted on Sunday (13 June) that he was also finding the end of filming emotional.

‘Crying a lot’

He said: “It was pretty devastating to be honest. It was really, really sad.

“Me, Rupert and Emma were all just… and most of the crew, you know, crying quite a lot.”
Daniel Radcliffe Daniel admitted on Sunday that the cast cried at the end of filming

You’d think that after all those years playing Ron Weasley, Rupert might at least have been able to gather up a couple of souvenirs from the set, but he admits he’s never been that successful.

He said: “I took the golden egg that was in the fourth film – a dragon egg. Apparently it was worth a few thousand dollars.

“I put it in a pillowcase, it was with James Oliver, it was a joint effort. But they tracked it down and got it off us.

“A wand I think would be nice to keep. They don’t really like things going away from the set.”
Famous fans

With the end of filming fast approaching Rupert says there are plans for a massive party for the 2,000-odd people involved with the movies.

And as the hugely successful franchise drew to a close, loads of famous faces managed to wing tours of the set – including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Winslet, and even US President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle.
Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson when it all began

Rupert said: “She was great. It was one of her daughter’s birthdays and they did this big kind of ceremony and we had loads of cupcakes.

“It was quite a surreal day.”

Kaiser Chiefs are also huge fans of the film – especially Ricky – and they earnt themselves background parts in the last film.

“At the beginning they were really excited. I think they were there for like four days in the end.

“They were literally just in the back standing by some lifts in the Ministry of Magic. They got over it pretty quickly – it wore off,” Rupert said.

With Wild Target already under his belt, Rupert might want to chill out and enjoy some of the small fortune he’s earnt.

A recent list rated him as the fourth richest actor under 30 living in the UK, which he described as “cool”, even though he says he’s never been really extravagant.

He added: “I’m never really that aware of money because I’ve never really been that involved with it because my Dad’s always dealt with it.”

So what’s next for Rupert, apart from trying to master the banjo and the accordion?

He said: “It’ll be nice to have to a bit of free time as well – a bit of freedom because it has been constant working since I was 10.

“So it’ll be nice to just stop and chill out a bit.”

Wild Target is released in UK cinemas on 18 June, while Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is out in the UK on 19 November.

Original article found here: BBC Newsbeat | June 15, 2010

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Grint on target for life after Potter

Unlike his famous screen alter-ego Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint is the epitome of laid-back cool.

Dressed in a rumpled T-shirt printed with Mozart’s face, Acne jeans and Converses, he grins as he shakes my hand, then ruffles his fingers through his tousled red hair.

“I do get recognised quite often – it’s pretty much every day,” he reveals. “I think my hair colour stands out. People kinda look at me anyway.”

The 21-year-old adds: “It’s quite a strange thing, it’s built up gradually. I’m not completely used to it yet, but people are always really nice so it’s never a problem.”
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We’re meeting today not to talk about his Harry Potter exploits, but rather his new film Wild Target.

“It is nice not to be talking about Potter. Definitely,” he says, smiling.

That doesn’t mean he’s not willing to speak of his wizarding days, which have propelled him and co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson to superstardom since the blockbuster film franchise began in 2001.

While the trio are reported to be among Hollywood’s highest earners under the age of 25, any discussion of this is firmly off the table, with his publicist quickly stepping in to declare the topic off-limits.

Grint – known as Harry Potter’s trusty sidekick Ron – has recently finished filming the final scenes for the two-part finale, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

“We’ve been at this one since February 2009 so it’s been a really long shoot. I wished it was quicker but then we didn’t want the last few months to end,” he says.

“It’s going to be a very different Harry Potter film. I think it’s going to be a great way to end.”

The Essex-born actor – who now lives in Hertfordshire – filmed Wild Target in London and the Isle of Man in 2008 during a “rare break” after the sixth film in the series, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. He had also just completed British drama Cherrybomb.

He is amazed at the speed Wild Target came together, in comparison to his previous movies.

“It was about six weeks. It’s such a different world to work in,” he says.

“I learnt a lot doing both these films. Everything matters a lot more because of the lower budget.

“We didn’t have the benefit of what Potter has to keep going and going – we had a time limit that put more pressure on you but also made you more into it.”

In the action comedy caper, which also stars Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Martin Freeman, Grint gets to swap his magic wand for a gun, as apprentice hitman Tony. He shadows uptight assassin Victor (Nighy) after they save the life of hapless victim Rose (Blunt).

Now that’s one way of breaking out of the Weasley mould.

“The guns appealed to me quite a bit – it was refreshing, and very unlike Ron. All the action stuff – the car chase too – was really fun,” he says.

Not only does he get to fire a gun (minus real bullets), he also had to learn how to dismantle one.

“I remember really looking forward to it but they are really intimidating. I wasn’t prepared for how powerful and loud they are,” he admits.

“There’s a scene where I also had to assemble a gun blind-folded so I had to learn how the gun comes apart and put it together again. That’s quite useful, I suppose – if I need to do it again, I could,” he adds, grinning.

Grint underwent some gun training in preparation for the role.

“We went to a shooting range to fire real bullets at targets. It was really quite cool to do, but so difficult. I don’t know how people do it,” he says.

In his two non-Potter films, Grint has proved his desire to shake off Ron’s goody-two-shoes image, by taking off his clothes. The actor, who is currently single, bares all in a love scene in Cherrybomb, and reveals himself to Nighy in Wild Target.

“In Harry Potter it was just a kiss, really. It was suggestive more than anything. This was a lot more intimate,” he says of the Cherrybomb episode. “It was quite nerve-wracking.”

He admits he was red-faced at being naked in front of Nighy: “It’s quite embarrassing. Thankfully there weren’t many people on set – just me and Bill. He didn’t really say very much, but yes, it did feel just a bit uncomfortable for the both of us.”

Grint later had to come face-to-face with the legendary actor on the set of Harry Potter, when Nighy played Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour.

“He’s brilliant. You pick up a lot, just from working with him. He’s very calm, gentle and hilarious as well, so we had a lot of fun,” he says.

As the famous wizarding films come to a conclusion, with the first of the two-part finale hitting the big screen this November, it’s no surprise that Grint is considering his post-Potter future.

“As we’re closing to an end now, we’re about to step out into the real world, which is quite a scary thought,” he reveals.

“We’re looking to keep going and find different roles and a way to escape getting typecast. But with Ron, I think I’ll be OK.”

He has already signed on to play record-breaking ski jumper Eddie ’The Eagle’ Edwards in a biopic about his life, although filming hasn’t begun yet.

“I’m quite looking forward to that. He’s a big character and quite funny. It’s still early stages though, it’s not completely final yet,” he says.

“The whole story is inspiring because he’s the classic underdog and he actually did amazing things. He set the British record at the time. He’s just got so much guts.”

Grint, who never thought of acting as a career before Harry Potter changed his life, is open to offers.

“I’d do literally anything. Anything that’s quite different with big characters would be good. Someone dark and insane would be quite cool,” he adds.

He could see himself treading the theatre boards like Harry Potter co-star Daniel, but has some hesitations.

“I’d like to do some stage in the future, definitely, because it seems like you get a lot of satisfaction – probably not naked or singing though,” he says.

“It just seems like a massive step and it’s a different craft because you only get one chance.

“At the moment, I’m just looking at other stuff. I’ll probably take some time off, catch up with friends and have some freedom. Then see what happens and take it as it comes.”

Wild Target will be released in cinemas on Friday June 18


Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint was born in Harlow, Essex, on August 24, 1988, but raised in Watton-at-Stone in Hertfordshire.

He acted in school plays and joined the after-school drama club, before applying for the role of Ron Weasley through Newsround: “I didn’t even realise it could be a job. It was all a bit of a fluke.”

Grint is the proud owner of a fully-functioning 1970s ice-cream van: “I got it on eBay. I don’t drive it anymore because you get a lot of people queueing up for ice-cream and I don’t have it always stocked up.”

He would like to play an instrument: “I’ve been trying to learn the banjo for a long time now, and the guitar, but it’s really hard.”

He also draws in his spare time: “I’ve always been into art. I’ve done a few paintings which are auctioned off for charity.”

Original article found here: Telegraph | June 8, 2010

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Rupert Grint’s Graveyard Slumber

Rupert Grint has revealed he once woke up in a graveyard following a heavy night drinking alcohol.

Rupert Grint once got so drunk that he passed out in a graveyard.

The 21-year-old actor – who stars in new comedy ‘Wild Target’ alongside Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt – admitted he could at times be just as big a party animal as his character in the movie, who wakes up hungover inside a sofa cover in one scene.

He told BANG Showbiz: “I really overdid it once when I woke up in a graveyard. I’d been at my mate’s house, we’d been asleep, then there was alcohol involved and we went out.

“A graveyard really isn’t the nicest place to wake up!”

Despite his impromptu night sleeping next to the tombstones, Rupert – who is best known for his role as Ron Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise – thinks he has been very fortunate to have managed to keep his partying out of the public eye and not go off the rails in the way many other former child stars have.

Speaking about his ‘Harry Potter’ co-stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe – who play Hermione and Harry respectively – he said: “No I’m pretty lucky, I’ve stayed out of it… We all stayed out of it. We kept quite low-key, that’s the way to do it.”

Original article found here: Contact Music | June 1, 2010

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Rupert Grint “uncomfortable” being Naked In Front Of Bill Nighy

The actor – who had to strip off for a scene in the bath in the new comedy ‘Wild Target’ – admitted he wasn’t very body confident about wearing just underwear in front of his co-star.

He told BANG Showbiz: “It’s quite embarrassing where I had to stand in the bath, I had a jock strap kind of thing, it was weird because it wasn’t water, it was milk… to make the water look cloudy so you couldn’t see anything – we were in a bath of milk.

“Thankfully there weren’t many people on set just me and Bill. He didn’t really say very much, but yes it did feel just a bit uncomfortable for the both of us.”

While the 21-year-old star – who is best known for portraying wizard Ron Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ films – felt awkward about being near-naked in front of his co-star, he isn’t worried about audiences seeing him naked – even though he admits his body isn’t in the best shape.

He added: “It’s embarrassing, I’ve never been to a gym or really done any sports… but I’m not lazy as I’m always working or busy doing something.”

Original article found here: | May 26th, 2010

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Wild Target and Cherrybomb: More Distribution News

We are exited to bring you good news about Rupert Grint’s films Cherrybomb and Wild Target from the European Film Market in Berlin!

Staffer Karo has met up with the representatives of The Little Film Company and Protagonist Pictures today.

We can officially confirm that Cherrybomb will return to Germany thanks to Capelight!

Additionally, Universal Pictures have not only taken the rights for distribution in the United Kingdom, but also for Australia!
Further deals are on their way, so keep all your fingers crossed, and hopefully our International Cherrybomb Clip will give the distributors the final push!

Also, I’m forwarding a very big Thank You from The Little Film Company for all the effort you guys put into the Cherrybomb Campaign. For more information, check out the Cherrybomb Buzz!

On to Wild Target! We have received confirmation for several countries a while ago, but the list has gotten longer!
Wild Target has already been sold to almost all European countries, now also including Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Turkey, Baltic States and Russia. Wild Target will also come to China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and Canada (and these are only the countries I memorised, but there were more).
Sadly, there’s no deal for the US as of now, but hopefully yesterday’s and tomorrow’s screening at the EFM will solve this. If not, we know how to deal with unwilling distributors, don’t we?!

Also, we can expect the release dates of the other countries very soon, as the date for the UK was to be announced first, so the other releases should be scheduled soon enough.

We will keep you updates on everything, but this is our Valentine’s present to you

Original article found here at Rupert-Grint.Us I February 14, 2010

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Cherrybomb And Wild Target Release April 2010!

Launching Films reveal that Rupert Grint’s films Wild Target and Cherrybomb are both scheduled for a release on April 9th, 2010. Rupert Grint’s agency and the official distributors confirmed these will be the official release dates for both films.

Additional information found via Rupert-Grint.Us

In more news:

We recently reported that Rupert Grint’s film Cherrybomb picked up a distribution deal in the UK with Universal’s indiVISION and is set to have a nationwide release according to Launching Films. Well in a new article with Rupert’s co-star Robert Sheehan, The LeinsterExpress further confirms that Cherrybomb is up for a general release in “early 2010″. This does mean nationwide in most cities so things are on the right track. We will have some more news concerning Cherrybomb’s release for you soon so keep checking back for updates.

Original article found here at LeinsterExpress I Februay 3rd 2010

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Graham Seed Mentions Wild Target

Actor Graham Seed, who stars in the upcoming film Wild Target alongside Rupert Grint, has recently mentioned the film while promoting the play Journey’s End.

He told Daily Echo in an interview:

“I have a film coming out with Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint and Rupert Everett. It’s called Wild Target and is a comedy.”

Meanwhile, Basingstoke Gazette mentions that Wild Target is set to have a summer release! We will let you know more as soon as possible.

Original article found here at DailyEcho I January 23rd, 2010 and BasingstokeGazette

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