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The Dish: No death, please

No death, please, we’re British Daniel Craig says he was instrumental in choosing the much-derided title “Quantum of Solace” for the Bond film due out in November, saying he didn’t want a grisly title. “Names were coming out, some ludicrous stuff … you know the sort of thing: ‘The Blood on Your Face,’” Craig said. “I knew I didn’t want ‘death,’ ‘die,’ ‘bleed’ or any of those other things in the title.” He added that Bond movie titles usually are meaningless, anyway. “Quantum of Solace,” incidentally, comes from the title of a short story by Bond creator Ian Fleming.

The final reel

Johnny Depp not only has agreed to return for a fourth “Pirates” installment, but will play Tonto in a big-screen “Lone Ranger.” George Clooney‘s name has been bandied about for the title role. … A prequel to Will Smith‘s “I Am Legend” is in the works. … Rachel MacAdams will be Sherlock Holmes’ love interest in Guy Ritchie‘s film starring Robert Downey Jr. … Kirsten Dunst told MTV she was “in” for “Spider-Man 4,” then hastily followed up with, “I’m not saying anything … I’m not really allowed to open my big mouth.” … Rupert Grint takes a break from Hogwarts to play “a bit of a thug” in “Cherrybomb.” … Jack Black has reteamed with the “Kung Fu Panda” writers for a live-action comedic parody of “The Bourne Identity.”


Original article can be found here at StarTribune I October 2, 2008

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