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The first pictures from ”Into the White”: Rupert Grint’s Norwegian War!

– Rupert was very cool! He was dressed like a teletubby in his pilot uniform – like the rest of us – a little difficulty with body language, perhaps. But, man, he was a pro!

Today, VG Nett can show you the first pictures from the set of Petter Næss’ new film “Into the White”, where Rupert Grint – famous as the redhead Ron Weasley from the “Harry Potter” films – plays a British flight officer who gets shot down by a German plane on Sognefjellet (ICM: Grotlifjellet) during the last world war.


The German plane crashed as well. And the film deals mostly with the two enemy crews who are forced to live together in the same cabin if they want to survive.

The film will premiere in Norway March 9. But with Petter Næss as the director, an international cast and Zentropa’s Peter Aalbæk Jensen as the producer, there is already a considerable interest in the film outside of Norway.

It has been sold to over 21 countries before the premiere: Germany, Britain, Spain, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Luxembourg, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

– I can promise you that this man will be an international top name after this film!, Peter Aalbæk Jensen says – who is Lars Von Trier’s regular producer – about Petter Næss and “Into the White”.

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