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The Golden Snitch Awards: 2002

Tom, 13, got to see a preview of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Here he presents his Golden Snitch Awards.

Best adult actor: Kenneth Branagh (aka Professor Gilderoy Lockheart). He really has captured the cocky, show-off, ‘I’m best and I know I am’ personality. If you don’t believe me, you should see his winks.

Best adult actress: Julie Walters (aka Mrs Weasley). The perfect mix of a kind, molly-coddling lady and a vicious sabre-toothed tiger.

Best child actor: Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley). Like last year a tough decision between him and Harry, but again he wins it because of his suberb, very amusing style. Especially with the spiders.

Best child actress: Shirley Henderson (aka Moaning Mytle). A very tough decision between her and Hermione, they are both very good, but in the end Myrtle wins just because she has an amusing cry.

Best special effect: The spiders. Quite a tough choice between them and the Basilisk, but the spiders get to win partly because of their very good movement and partly because things like the Basilisk could be done back in 1993 with Jurassic Park so it’s not exactly original technology any more.

Biggest improvement from the book: Another win for the ‘Spiders in the forest’ scene. Ron’s reaction isn’t a large change from the book, but it’s definitely amusing.

Biggest improvement from the last film: The Quidditch match. Looking far less like a gladiator fight, and more like something elegant, it is definitely an improvement.

Most amusing part: This scene really is good, yes I’m talking about the ‘Spiders in the forest’ scene again. Ron’s reaction yet again wins a Golden Snitch as he is indeed hilarious here.

Most frightening part: ‘The Basilisk scene’. It’s standard mix of tension then shock is well done and is the scariest part of a film which is likely to scare young children.

Best scenery: Like last time the Great Hall wins. It is really spectacular and the clever snow effect just gives it a guaranteed win.

and finally…

The best of the two films: The Chamber of Secrets. The storyline itself meant it was probably going to be a better film and some nice additions, nice editing and the fact that they’d improved on most of the things that were wrong in The Philosopher’s Stone means that the Chamber of Secrets quite easily wins.

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | November 11th, 2002

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