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The New Princes


One of them is a wizard, the other a prince. Meet the two cutest actors of these days and their wonderful stories.

Fantastic animals, wizards and witches fighting for power in a magical land, these are the main ingredients for two of the most important literary magical series. The Chronicles of Narnia were written by C. S. Lewis, in 1950, while the first book iof the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling, arrived the bookshops’ shelves around the world in 1997 (2000 for Brasil). The two stories are split in seven parts and were adapted for cinema. Now meet the actors who gave life to main characters of each of them: William Moseley and Rupert Grint, or prince Peter Pevensie and Ron Weasley,t he wizard that is now stealing the show at Hogwarts.

[Facts on side bar]:RUPERT GRINT

Full name: Rupert Alexander Grint

Date of birth: August 24th 1988

Hometown: Hertfordshire, England

Family: his parents Nigel and Jo, and four siblings: James, Georgina, Samantha and Charlotte

Height: 1,78m

Sport: Football (aka Soccer)

Fun facts: Rupert knows how to say some sentences and numbers in german and he can play the guitar.

Career: It all started when Rupert saw on TV that there would be a casting in England for the role of Ron Weasley. He had never acted professionally before, but decided to be creative to show how much he loved HP. He wrote a rap about why he should play the character and he got the role!

Scan available in our gallery here RGus Gallery I 2006

Translation by Joana

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